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knowledge survey


On this Knowledge survey we discovered that my top subject area was Creative Arts. I would agree I had a 100% mark in music class and I loved that class, I do love making pictures and making music. Creative Arts is a big part of my life. My second one was Physical Education. I do play sports like hockey and lacrosse and am pretty good at them, it would be pretty cool to do that I wouldn’t want to. The third one is  Business I think that the survey was way off on this one because I want nothing to do with Business.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make music. For Two-Three hours of my day is music I’ll go down stares in my room and just play music,sometimes I make songs grab a peace of paper from my music binder make a beat and make a song. Life without music is no life to me.  My music manly consistences of rap, hip-hop, hip-hop rap, rap hip-hop, pop, rock, punk rock, classic rock, metal, heavy metal and then there’s the blues. There are so many types of music and i really just like them all and hope to make music one day. Like as a producer or and song writer or on the big stage all I know is one day I’ll be making music.


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