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Motivations survey


My motivation is Independent. I like to work by my self. Which means making my own schedule go in my own direction and go at my on pace. I like to try my own ideas out and will take responsibility for my mistakes. This survey is super weird I did’t really like the questions they had. I had a hard time trying to under stand the questions. Really over all I like doing these surveys they are fun.

I’m not really an independent person I like working with other people sometimes. At a place like work they give me a job to do to a car and I have to do it. They show me how to do it once and then that’s my lessen, then I have to do it my self and sometimes they make me figure out the problem unless I really need help. Having a job as shown me different things. I’m a lot smarter and where of things and know how believe that I can do something that I never thought that I could do. My job has showed me how to be a more of an independent person.

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