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Happy Camper

A happy camper is someone who is always happy and not down. Just listen to you light up my life I could listen to that song 100 times. A way I know that I’m a happy camper is that I’m never down much.I’m definitely smarter than my parents because I probably know more than them from the internet and TV.


A school is a place where you can find many kinds of different people some happy some not. school can be lots of fun and sometimes boring. school sucks on Mondays and rock on Fridays. One thing that makes me a happy camper is music, the song you light up my life is not what I think of play in my vehicle with the window rolled down but the song does get better after the second time.


Happy campers are everywhere you can find them with a smile on there face and always having a good time. You can find them being apart of the comity or a group. Happy campers are not often down or sad around other people. I believe that happy campers are different at home or when they aren’t around you. This is what I think a happy camper is

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