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Who Am I

I’m a typical teenager who loves his family, loves music, poetry and sports. I can be the nicest person you’ve ever met or I could be the opposite depending on the situation. I work and it has taught me a lot about life and how you have to work hard in order to make money. I also have to work hard in school but I don’t like to, mainly math class. I consider myself a good friend. I enjoy working out at the gym I want to be healthy and strong so I feel I need to manage my time and sleeping habits to become better at the things I love.


My biggest strength is my passion for the arts, music, poetry. Music is a big part of my life you can almost play any song and I could either say the name of the song or who the artists is. Poetry is a type of music for me. I really like rap because it has a story in the song but there’s always a story in every type of music ,but mumble rap. Mumble rap is the worst of the worst of music I would rather play some country music. I also like rock,metal, and blues I like a lot of music and poetry a lot.


There’s really one job I’ve always wanted  that is to be a gym teacher or even a personal trainer. I really want a job that I can be physical at. Another reason is that I would be helping people get healthier and fitter. I really like to work with people and help them learn new skills.


This is who I think I am I know there is still so much to learn so I know who I am now maybe not be who I am years from now. My life is like lifting weights you try as hard as you can till you can’t anymore, when get tired you go some more when you get hurt you take a break and you get right back at it. This is who I am.

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