Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have difficulty falling asleep. There are different strategies one can deal with this disorder. I don’t often feel this problem like many others can. I do remember the few times I have. Many times I used to take a couple hour naps after school, because I was feeling exhausted. Then, when it came time to go to bed, I would lay in bed, shut my eyes, but be wide awake. I could not sleep at night, I would be wide awake, laying in bed with my eyes closed for hours. This caused many other tiring situations, it was just a rotation. A rotation of staying up late at night, not being tired, then the next day being so tired, that I need a nap everyday. This was not a good way to be. For me to get rid of this habit, I needed to limit the amount of naps I had been taking. I quit having naps, which led to a better outcome, I began to be able to sleep well at night, and get a good night sleep again, which lead to me feeling better during the day. Insomnia can affect people who suffer from it. People can be mentally, and physically affected from Insomnia. It can cause a depressed mood, lack of energy, memory problems, decrease in alertness and concentration, and can even make one turn to abusive substances. Insomnia should be, and can be dealt with in many different ways.