From Place to Place

Step 1: First I picked images I wanted to use for this assignment where you put a picture with a background that doesn’t match.

Step 2: Opened the pictures with Adobe Photoshop CS4

Step 3: Cropped the top of the image where there was a big green space. To do that I selected what I wanted to keep by clicking the crop button.

Step 4: The image of Declan John and I was too big to fit on the image of the ocean so I made it smaller to fit in the middle of the ocean. By this I clicked edit -> transform -> scaleĀ and changed the image to 940 to match the scale image of the ocean.

Step 5: I clicked edit -> held shift and dragged it to the spot I wanted on the image of the ocean and made it the size I wanted.

Step 6: Then I clicked background layer -> duplicate layer then clicked layer 1 and clicked the masking button. After that I made the brush be black instead of white then clicked the paint brush and started brushing at the green parts that I didn’t want there.

Step 7: After I was all finished with brushing away the green background I got my finished picture.

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