Vocab 9


Pg 33. Procured – obtain something especially with care or effort

Pg 43. Stamina – the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort

Pg 37. Monotonous – dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest

Pg 42. Absentmindedly – lost in thought and unaware of one’s surroundings or actions

Pg 41. Anesthesiologist – a physician trained in anesthesia and perioperative medicine

Pg 33. Inadvertently – without intention; accidentally

Pg 66. Crucifix – a representation of a cross with a figure of Jesus Christ on it

Pg. 66 Nondenominational- open or acceptable to people of any Christian denomination.

Pg 94. Churlish- rude in a mean-spirited and surly way

Pg 94. Trigonometry- greek meaning of triangle

Pg 97. Oafish – stupid, uncultured, or clumsy

Hubris- excessive pride or self-confidence

Existential Crisis- a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life

Irony- the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or empathic effect

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