The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

“Existence is the idea of being alive or having a purpose. There are lots of facts about existence that boggles our mind. It can be very confusing. People get upset when it is Monday for example but you should always be happy because you are very lucky to be alive. If your parents had you a second later than you would not be alive. We can overthink things that we will never get the real answer and it will do nothing for us except stress you out.

What is the meaning of life? Why were we put on the Earth? What is our purpose? These are questions that you should be wondering about. Those are questions that we will never get the answer for, and because we won’t ever get the real answer to them, we get annoyed.

If the Universe came before the Big Bang, then how was the Big Bang created? Does the chicken, or the egg come first? These are the things that we may never get the real answer and they are the things that blow your mind.

Can you lie to yourself? Some people would say yes because you can tell yourself something other than what you know is true. I think that you can not because if you know something then how is it possible to tell yourself other and believe it. This, however, we will never know and we can only make guesses.

Thinking about things like this is just another thing that us humans do. I will caution you that if you might catch yourself for hours reading about different ideas about the thing you researched. For example, if you start reading about what happens when we die, you might get caught reading about hundreds of different possibilities that are really just educated guesses and you have no idea what to believe because they are all so different yet they make sense.

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