As soon as teleportation is possible there is a few places that I want to go to first. These places would be very cool to go to and it would easy to go to them. There is many advantages to time travel and lots of people might never be able to travel without it and you could go places you can only imagine about.

The first place I would teleport to would be rogers place in Edmonton. I would go and watch the Edmonton Oilers hockey team play. I would teleport to the bench area and go see Connor Mcdavid. I love going to Oilers games and this would be one of the first places I would travel.

The second place I would go to is Banff. I enjoy going to banff because you can go skiing, there is nice views, and a hot springs. My family goes there every year and it is a lot of fun. This is my favourite place to visit.

The last place I would go is LA. I would like to go there because there is lots of famous people there and it looks fun. There is also lots of cool cars and big stores. You can also look at movie stuff and see all the celebrities names on the street.

So these are the top 3 places that I want to go as soon as teleportation is possible. The first place I would go to is Banff then LA then Oilers game. There is many more places I would go but these are my top 3.

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