Identify a Good Read

The story I read was called Atlantic City is Really Going Down This Time. This story is about Atlantic City being underwater. The city is just above sea level and it is a bad place to live. This city is located in the United States of America. The beaches are cool but it is not a very desirable place to visit

One reason that this place is so bad to live in is because at anytime a high tide could come in causing damage to property and destroying stuff. According to the reading it is not safe to walk on the beach at night because a tide could come in and you would not see it.

Another reason why this is a bad place to live is because there is no cemetery and so if you die then you can not go to a cemetery in this city. The reason for this is because in most places you can not dig more than 8 feet without reaching water.

Most people do not want to visit this city because there is such a high chance of a flood. This town is pretty well a ghost town because who would want to live here. I imagine houses and property would be fairly cheap here.

I found this story pretty interesting overall and I think it was a good read. I find it interesting that this city is so close to being flooded and at any day it could flood. I definitely would not want to live in this city and I would not want to visit it either.

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