Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

Often times in life we tend to get down ourselves. We tend to look at the negative side of things when we should be looking at the bright side. Looking at the dark side can cause us to not be happy with our lives. In the reading the story says the sunshine and the shadow. The sunshine is looking at the bright side and the shadow is the dark negative side.

An example of looking at the dark shadow side would be like if you played hockey and you lost a game. Often times we tell ourselves that we arent good at hockey and stuff like that when she should be saying we played good. You can say that the team you played was a very good team. We can not get down on ourselves when stuff like this. Usually the reason people are down about something is because they dont look at the opositive side of things.

If you arent looking at the sunshine side then you will overall just not be a person that people enjoy. You might get ignored because evryone says you are always depressed and they wont like you. This will cause you to get more upset about it. You could also get bullied because of this. You will grow up being a lonely person.

The last example of this is you could bring down other people. If your team is losing you have to stay positive. Your team might be saying we will get another point you cant bring them down. You should never say something like just give up. This will make your team not like you and you will be lonely.

So these are the reasons why you should look at the positive side. Overall you will have much for of an enjoyable life. You will have more friends. And if you are always sad you might commit a crime and be punished. That is why people always say look at the bright side. They say this because it is good for you.

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