The car of your dreams.

The car of my dreams is a Subaru Wrx Sti. I like these cars because they sound cool and they look cool. These are usually made to be drifting cars and racing cars. These cars can be street cars or professional drifting cars.

I want my car to be blue with gold rims. It would have tinted windows. I would put a spoiler on it as well as stickers of racing brands. The hood would have a vent in it. I would have a wide body kit on it and have it lowered. It would have fog lights on the front bumper.

The engine would have lots of horsepower so it would be a fast car for street races. The transmission would be a manual so i could drift and do burnouts. this car would have a loud exhaust.

The interior of the car would be very nive and unique. It would have 2 leather racing seats. The deck and all the gauges would be chrome with led lights. I would have a full custom sound system with 2 subwoofers and an amp. The speakers would be very clear and not be muffled. The lights would change colors with the music.

This is my dream car. I would have it fully customized. This car would cost a lot in the end but it would be worth every penny. This car would be so loud you can hear it across town and it it would drive just as good as it looks.

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