Dream house

If I could build my dream house I’m sure that it would be quite different then most peoples. Most people would want a nice house located in somewhere hot like Los Angeles or Anaheim. My house would be a big wood cabin with lots of extras such as a swimming pool and a movie theatre.

My wood cabin would be located in the Rocky Mountains. There would be about a 10-minute ride from the nearest town. The ride would be fun and there would we lots of views. It would be near a lake of fresh bright blue water where I could go catch fish or go kayaking. The cabin would be on a huge mountain overlooking all the other mountains.

I would be able to do lots of activities right from my house like fishing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and kayaking. I could sit in the hot tub and watch the Edmonton Oilers play won a huge tv, while sitting outside. I could see lots of wildlife such as mountain goats. There would be a ski resort located right at my house. I would also have lots of trails to go snowmobiling.

My favourite part of this house would be the interior. I would have a huge indoor pool with water fountains. There would be a lazy river flowing into the swimming pool, which goes all around the house. There would also be an NHL sized skating rink where I could play hockey. I would have a movie theatre with reclining seats and a big projector with surround sound. I would also have a gaming room with a custom gaming PC and a wide monitor

This would be my dream house if I could have any house I wanted. I would never leave my house because there is so much to do. I would have my friends over all the time. This house would be so cool. The house itself is cool but when you add all the extras it gets much better.

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