Hero’s Journey

There is a countless amount of books and movies that follow the same outline. This outline goes in a specific storyline. The first thing that happens is they show you the main character. The main character will be at their most comfortable time in the story. The next thing that happens is the character will face some challenges. One challenge will be the hardest one yet. The last thing that happens is a reward of some sort.

The movie that I am writing about is called Wonder. Wonder is a movie and a book that is about Auggie. Auggie is a 10-year-old boy who loves Xbox, his dog, Daisy, and he really loves Star Wars. Auggie was born with a rare facial condition called Treacher Collins syndrome. In the start of the movie Auggie is at home and he is homeschooled. He has been homeschooled his whole life. In the story he is going to a public school and he and his family is scared for him.

Auggie is very nervous to go to the public school. He wanted to wear his astronaut helmet so that nobody could see his face. His parents would not let him so he had to wear nothing. This was a big challenge for him because he did not want to get bullied. For the first few months of going to school, he had a horrible time. He had to deal with people making comments such as “Did your face get burnt in a fire?”

The reward at the end of the movie was that Auggie finally made lots of friends. Everybody thought that he was so cool and the whole school wanted to be his friend. At the end of the movie, August is awarded the ‘Henry Ward Beecher Medal’ for being ‘notable or exemplary in certain areas throughout the school year’ He got this because he was very smart and despite people making fun of him he still tried his best to have a good time and do well on his work.

The reason that this movie gets the name wonder is because his mom is so proud of him and she called Auggie a wonder. This is definitely one of my favourite movies and it shows that some of the best movies and books use this same outline. At first, Auggie is comfortable, then faces some challenges, then gets a reward.

Dream house

If I could build my dream house I’m sure that it would be quite different then most peoples. Most people would want a nice house located in somewhere hot like Los Angeles or Anaheim. My house would be a big wood cabin with lots of extras such as a swimming pool and a movie theatre.

My wood cabin would be located in the Rocky Mountains. There would be about a 10-minute ride from the nearest town. The ride would be fun and there would we lots of views. It would be near a lake of fresh bright blue water where I could go catch fish or go kayaking. The cabin would be on a huge mountain overlooking all the other mountains.

I would be able to do lots of activities right from my house like fishing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and kayaking. I could sit in the hot tub and watch the Edmonton Oilers play won a huge tv, while sitting outside. I could see lots of wildlife such as mountain goats. There would be a ski resort located right at my house. I would also have lots of trails to go snowmobiling.

My favourite part of this house would be the interior. I would have a huge indoor pool with water fountains. There would be a lazy river flowing into the swimming pool, which goes all around the house. There would also be an NHL sized skating rink where I could play hockey. I would have a movie theatre with reclining seats and a big projector with surround sound. I would also have a gaming room with a custom gaming PC and a wide monitor

This would be my dream house if I could have any house I wanted. I would never leave my house because there is so much to do. I would have my friends over all the time. This house would be so cool. The house itself is cool but when you add all the extras it gets much better.

The car of your dreams.

The car of my dreams is a Subaru Wrx Sti. I like these cars because they sound cool and they look cool. These are usually made to be drifting cars and racing cars. These cars can be street cars or professional drifting cars.

I want my car to be blue with gold rims. It would have tinted windows. I would put a spoiler on it as well as stickers of racing brands. The hood would have a vent in it. I would have a wide body kit on it and have it lowered. It would have fog lights on the front bumper.

The engine would have lots of horsepower so it would be a fast car for street races. The transmission would be a manual so i could drift and do burnouts. this car would have a loud exhaust.

The interior of the car would be very nive and unique. It would have 2 leather racing seats. The deck and all the gauges would be chrome with led lights. I would have a full custom sound system with 2 subwoofers and an amp. The speakers would be very clear and not be muffled. The lights would change colors with the music.

This is my dream car. I would have it fully customized. This car would cost a lot in the end but it would be worth every penny. This car would be so loud you can hear it across town and it it would drive just as good as it looks.

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

Often times in life we tend to get down ourselves. We tend to look at the negative side of things when we should be looking at the bright side. Looking at the dark side can cause us to not be happy with our lives. In the reading the story says the sunshine and the shadow. The sunshine is looking at the bright side and the shadow is the dark negative side.

An example of looking at the dark shadow side would be like if you played hockey and you lost a game. Often times we tell ourselves that we arent good at hockey and stuff like that when she should be saying we played good. You can say that the team you played was a very good team. We can not get down on ourselves when stuff like this. Usually the reason people are down about something is because they dont look at the opositive side of things.

If you arent looking at the sunshine side then you will overall just not be a person that people enjoy. You might get ignored because evryone says you are always depressed and they wont like you. This will cause you to get more upset about it. You could also get bullied because of this. You will grow up being a lonely person.

The last example of this is you could bring down other people. If your team is losing you have to stay positive. Your team might be saying we will get another point you cant bring them down. You should never say something like just give up. This will make your team not like you and you will be lonely.

So these are the reasons why you should look at the positive side. Overall you will have much for of an enjoyable life. You will have more friends. And if you are always sad you might commit a crime and be punished. That is why people always say look at the bright side. They say this because it is good for you.

Identify a Good Read

The story I read was called Atlantic City is Really Going Down This Time. This story is about Atlantic City being underwater. The city is just above sea level and it is a bad place to live. This city is located in the United States of America. The beaches are cool but it is not a very desirable place to visit

One reason that this place is so bad to live in is because at anytime a high tide could come in causing damage to property and destroying stuff. According to the reading it is not safe to walk on the beach at night because a tide could come in and you would not see it.

Another reason why this is a bad place to live is because there is no cemetery and so if you die then you can not go to a cemetery in this city. The reason for this is because in most places you can not dig more than 8 feet without reaching water.

Most people do not want to visit this city because there is such a high chance of a flood. This town is pretty well a ghost town because who would want to live here. I imagine houses and property would be fairly cheap here.

I found this story pretty interesting overall and I think it was a good read. I find it interesting that this city is so close to being flooded and at any day it could flood. I definitely would not want to live in this city and I would not want to visit it either.

Time Travel

When time travel is finally possible there is a few places that I would want to go to. You could go back hundreds of years ago and do stuff like stop fires and stuff. You could save people. Time travel would be very cool and we even prevent stuff and stop them before they happen.

The time that I would go back to would be is the 80’s because they wore weird clothes and times were a lot different back then. Stuff was a lot cheaper back then and the cars were cool. There was not so much technology and I think it would be a good experience.

In the 80’s people, particularly kids had more freedom. For example nowadays parents are usually more protective of their children then they were years ago and a long time ago kids could do whatever they wanted and now there is a lot more rules and restrictions like curfews.

Another reason that would be cool is because the cars were more simple and now cars are electric lots of the time and have heated seats and all the fancy technology. New technology is cool but I like more simple basic cars.

These are the reasons why I would go back to the 80’s. Times were a lot different in many ways like sports vehicles and clothes. The 20th century is always changing and I think it would be cool to go back and see how life was back then.


As soon as teleportation is possible there is a few places that I want to go to first. These places would be very cool to go to and it would easy to go to them. There is many advantages to time travel and lots of people might never be able to travel without it and you could go places you can only imagine about.

The first place I would teleport to would be rogers place in Edmonton. I would go and watch the Edmonton Oilers hockey team play. I would teleport to the bench area and go see Connor Mcdavid. I love going to Oilers games and this would be one of the first places I would travel.

The second place I would go to is Banff. I enjoy going to banff because you can go skiing, there is nice views, and a hot springs. My family goes there every year and it is a lot of fun. This is my favourite place to visit.

The last place I would go is LA. I would like to go there because there is lots of famous people there and it looks fun. There is also lots of cool cars and big stores. You can also look at movie stuff and see all the celebrities names on the street.

So these are the top 3 places that I want to go as soon as teleportation is possible. The first place I would go to is Banff then LA then Oilers game. There is many more places I would go but these are my top 3.

Three songs

These are my three favorite songs. I like them because I like the artists and I don’t get tired of listening to them. These songs I also enjoy because they sound good and they are catchy.  I also like other songs by the artists but I enjoy these ones the most.

The first one is called Butterfly effect by Travis Scott. This song I mostly enjoy because it sounds good and is not annoying like some songs and so I don’t get tired of listening to it. It does not really have a message in the song. “Icy love, icy like a hockey puck” I like this line because it is a creative way of using the word ice.

The second one is called Monopoly feat. lil xxel. This song is one of my favorites for the same reasons as before. It does Not really have a message in the song and I just enjoy listening to it. ‘We gon go far farther than the eye can see” This is a creative way of saying how far they have gone.

The last song is called Magic in the Hamptons feat. Lil Yachty. This one is my favourite song because when I listen to it, it reminds me of hockey because is the locker room we always listen to this song. This song also sounds really good and is catchy and its not one of those songs that you cant tell what they are saying because it is so fast.

So these are my favourite songs for these reasons. I have lots more but I get tired of listening to them but these ones I do not get tired of listening to them.

The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

“Existence is the idea of being alive or having a purpose. There are lots of facts about existence that boggles our mind. It can be very confusing. People get upset when it is Monday for example but you should always be happy because you are very lucky to be alive. If your parents had you a second later than you would not be alive. We can overthink things that we will never get the real answer and it will do nothing for us except stress you out.

What is the meaning of life? Why were we put on the Earth? What is our purpose? These are questions that you should be wondering about. Those are questions that we will never get the answer for, and because we won’t ever get the real answer to them, we get annoyed.

If the Universe came before the Big Bang, then how was the Big Bang created? Does the chicken, or the egg come first? These are the things that we may never get the real answer and they are the things that blow your mind.

Can you lie to yourself? Some people would say yes because you can tell yourself something other than what you know is true. I think that you can not because if you know something then how is it possible to tell yourself other and believe it. This, however, we will never know and we can only make guesses.

Thinking about things like this is just another thing that us humans do. I will caution you that if you might catch yourself for hours reading about different ideas about the thing you researched. For example, if you start reading about what happens when we die, you might get caught reading about hundreds of different possibilities that are really just educated guesses and you have no idea what to believe because they are all so different yet they make sense.