Looking For Alaska – John Green

The book I am reading is “Looking For Alaska.” It is a book about a guy named Miles, and he has to go to the boarding school that his father went to when he was younger. The schools name is Culver Creek Boarding School.

His first time stepping into the campus, Miles wasn’t as wowed as his parents thought he would be. He helped his parents unpack his supplies from the car, and when they were almost done, Miles told his parents that they could leave. He suspected that he was going to be the only person in his room, but when his roommate walked in, Miles knew he wasn’t going to be alone. Miles’ roommate’s name was Chip, but he preferred to be called “The Colonel.” Chip was Miles’ guide around the school, where to go and where not to go, who to talk to and who to hangout with. Unfortunately, all the seniors of this boarding school disliked Chip so much, that it made it manageable for them to hate Miles too.

In the start of the book, Miles was introduced to a girl named “Alaska,” he mentioned that she was the most beautiful girl he laid eyes on. He had always imagined what it would be like to make a good first impression, which he didn’t make one with Alaska. Alaska and Chip were friends, but he usually went to her dorm room to buy cigarettes. Chip didn’t have multiple friends, but he was pretty popular in his own mind. No one wanted to be seen with him because it would just disappoint them later in the school year.


Later in the book, Alsaka dies, and it’s a tragedy for the whole campus. Miles really did love her and if she would have been with him longer she would have figured it out. She died in a car crash. This event struck the whole campus and everyone was sad.


I would recommend reading this book because it’s entertaining and there isn’t a part where you’d be bored. It’s a good book and it has good grammar. There’s very exciting and sad parts too!

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