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What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment?


It’s very hard to imagine the tragedy that Fort McMurray is facing. To have to evacuate the entire city in a matter of hours, is terrifying.

Not knowing where you can leave to, or if you can come back to your house to see if it was burning, to not really know if your possessions are gone, and all you worked for all those years could be all gone. It’s devastating to see what they’re going through, because the only real thing we could actually do, is donate money to them through REDCROSS.

This fire was very unexpected. Thankfully the town was evacuated before the flames got any worse. Many people believe that the fire was not an accident, and that it was caused by, yes a human being. No one for sure knows how it was started. Most of the houses were burnt down, and only some were kept up and not interferred with.

There were fire fighters helping out from all over. Vermilion firefighters went to Fort McMurray to help stop the flames. It was taken by surprise, but when most people saw the first set of flames, they got out of there. Schools were evacuated, mostly everyone was mourning the loss of their valuables, and homes. Many had to leave their pets.

Although most people have reentered the city of Fort McMurray, the are not assured to be safe. The fire has not stopped yet, and they are ready to leave again if the flames pick up again. It could not possibly get any worse. Thankfully tons of cities are quick to help those in need.


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