Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Classrooms At St. Jerome’s School?

Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms at St. Jerome’s School because, they distract by ringing, or vibrating, as soon as a text message is received. Having a cell phone with you during class, can increase the chance that you are invading the privacy of other human beings, or your classmates, by taking their picture. Usually, if you are on your phone throughout the class, you are tempted to go on apps that are disrupting your ability to learn.
Many people feel that cell phones should be allowed in class, but actually, they are a distraction to yourself, your ability to learn, your classmates, and even your teachers. Although, cell phones help make research easier, they still distract you. There are many ways in which cell phones can be a distraction, one way is when you get a text message, it will constantly ring or vibrate, until you answer. Yes, sometimes you get important or urgent texts from your parents, but there is a telephone in the classroom for a reason.
Although you can use a cell phone for more than just sourcing information on the internet, you can use a cell phone for apps such as, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, which include taking a photo and sending it to your feed, or another person. Multiple times, an incident has occurred that you are not only taking a photo of yourself, but you are taking a picture of someone else as well. Normally, you are taking a picture with your friends and they don’t mind, but when you take one with another person, who didn’t give you permission, you are invading their privacy. It’s more polite to ask permission before sending, or posting a picture of someone on social media because everyone is entitled to their own privacy. It’s critical to know that once you post a picture on social media, it goes into cyber space and is there for life.
It’s true that many people go on the internet to make research easier, but most of the people using cell phones during class are not using them properly. Most people now have Snapchat, and that is an app that you can communicate with your friends by chatting in a section, or sending them pictures of yourself, but it isn’t an educational source or requirement. Going on other apps that you are not supposed to be on is improper usage of your phone throughout the class. Of course, phones can be important in case there was a fire during school and you need to phone your parents to inform them of what’s going on.
In many ways, cell phones are a distraction to your education rights and are bad for your health. I believe that they should not be allowed in a classroom, because you go to school to learn, not to interact with your friends through the internet. Also, you can talk to your friends during school, and text them when you get home from school. You are at school for a proper education, not to contact your friends through social media.

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