Couple in love

For my project I chose a couple who are obviously in love and change the background of the photo. Better known as “Love at First Shot.”

 These are the assignment details.


this is the original photo that I got off of the website “Pexels.”

 this is the background from the website “Pexels.”

 on the bottom, I clicked the third button from the left and that made me be able to mask it to allow the photos to be interlocked.

 This is the sidebar where I choose the brush that is selected to get the photo so that it makes a new background.

This is the layer I have to select. I screenshotted this because I kept forgetting how to do it

 This is the folder on my drive.

 This is what is stored in my folder.

 This is my progress after the first day.

 After the second day This is my final project.


Steps :

  1. Get two photos that you like, one being a couple, and the other being the background.
  2. There are different ways you can do this but the way I did it, I used “Adobe Photoshop CS4. I took one of my images (the couple) and copied it, then pasted it onto the background of the trees. This made it easier for me to trace around the picture of the couple and make it look better when I posted it.
  3. When done the second step, I made sure I masked the pictures together, by clicking the third button in the one picture.
  4. When they were masked together, I started to trace the outside of the picture which brought out the background, as well.
  5. When I was done tracing the outside of the couple, I took a bigger brush and coloured out the rest of the picture. So I mixed the photos together.

I chose this picture of the couple because they look like they’re in love but I also wanted to change the background so it matched the theme of their picture. The toque matches the snow, so I chose to put the snowy trees for that reason.

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