Hockey Cutlines Tshirt

 The image in the H

 The image in the O


 The image in the C

 The image in the K

 The image in the E


 The image in the Y

 font so it cuts properly

 selected letters

 cutline with selected letters


 this is important for the screenshots



1. for my first step, i chose 5 pictures and wrote out the word hockey

2. for my second step, I went to Adobe Photoshop CS4 and pressed file, place, and then put the photo on the document and placed the picture so it was under the word “HOCKEY” and right clicked my mouse on the layer and clicked “Create Clipping Mask.”

3. After step number two, i continued to do it so there was a different photo in each letter of “HOCKEY”

4. When done that, and the whole project, you press select menu and press all and when it selects you click edit copy merged and transfer adobe illustrator.

5. There, I made cutlines by going to the select menu, clicking all and then going to the type menu and clicking create outlines then i went to the object menu clicked path and then offset path, made it -2, round, 4, and clicked ok. There I clicked the letter making the black font invisible, then made a pink outline on it.




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