Milgram for the Sun’s Day

The purpose of the Milgram Experiment to test how far people would go in obeying an instruction even if it involved harming other humans. Rudy Wiebe created his characters to follow this idea in his short story, “Millstone for the Sun’s Day.”

The first characters to adhere to the rules on the Milgram Experiment are Joey’s parents. Right from the beginning they knew the end result of the trip and were afraid to ask questions. Their conscience knew it was wrong to kill an innocent human, but they were just following the orders of the capitulars. This is proven by the final quote, “She shuddered in the sunlight,” while hushing Joey. The story, however, revolves around Joey and how he eventually conforms to authority. At the start, Joey is this innocent child full of energy and thrilled to go on the Yacht trip he won. Every time Joey engages with the capitular his innocence starts to dissipate. By the end of the journey, when he is about to pull the lever, drowning his teacher, his innocence has turned into corruption. All because he was told what to do by the adults and acted accordingly. These characters had fallen into the same trap that befell the 20 participants in the Milgram Experiment. They too only acted on what they were encouraged to do, even if doing so went against their own moral beliefs. This proves that even the most well-adjusted person can be swayed to act in horrendous ways if the situation leads them to it. Anyone is vulnerable to this.

The Milgram Experiment has been reproduced recently in a French game show called The Game of Death. The idea was exactly the same, from the volts to the actors pretending to be shocked. The results were the same.

This concept is seen in multiple book series. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, The Divergent series by Veronica Roth, and The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, all share the same idea of people playing the rules set by the leaders. Everyone agreed to the rules, no matter how corrupt the concepts were. Until one protagonist decided to stand up to their leader and challenge the whole system they built.


Millstone for the Sun’s Day vs. The Lottery Ticket

After seeing the series numbers match the Dmitritch’s numbers Ivan imagines all the possibilities of what he and his wife could spend the lottery money on. Furnishing, traveling, and debt payments were on this list. After Ivan heard that his wife also wanted to go abroad as well, he started to ponder. He thought that if Masha was to go abroad with him that she would seal herself up in a hotel and prevent Ivan from leaving her sight. Ivan was also concerned about family relations. If they heard of the winning ticket, they would come begging for money. If given money they would ask for more. If rejected they would curse, and slander their name. In, Millstone for the Sun’s Day the blank stares, the quiet attitude, and worried expressions all created this eerie environment on the Yacht. Everyone was aware of the purpose of the journey to Sun Rock and no sane person on the boat would be willing to pull that lever because they were aware of the result. Everyone except for Joey. He was the only child on the boat and also the special guest because he won the lottery. This created a character associated with innocence making Joey the perfect person to pull the lever. So was the lottery really chosen at random, and is winning the lottery always good?

In both, “The Lottery Ticket,” and, “Millstone for the Sun’s Day,” the lottery ended up doing more harm than helping. In Joey’s case, winning the lottery gave earned him a trip on a Yacht to Sun Rock, where he was the chosen one to perform the “sacrifice.” This was done by pulling a lever dropping his teacher into the water below. On the other hand, Ivan spent the story imagining different possibilities of what he could spend the lottery money on as well as contemplate on why his wife wants to spend his money. In the end, they don’t have the correct number, and the author leaves us with the idea that Ivan will hang himself on the first Aspen-tree. This proves that the lottery does more harm. In society, this is a proven fact. Lotteries affect the poorer people more than they affect the rich people. This is due to the fact that poor people need to win the jackpot more than the rich do. This leads to them spending more of the money they need to survive on a concept that stacks all odds against them.

The difference between these stories is in the evolution of the characters. Throughout the story, Joey discovers the more and more clues of the purpose of the Sun Rock journey. During this time Joey starts maturing from this young innocent character into an adult. In, “The Lottery Ticket,” the opposite is true. When Ivan discovers the series number is a match, he starts imagining all the possibilities, just like a child would. It’s wasn’t until his wife mentioned going abroad, that he snapped out of this image and started to think about more realistic issues.


Very few people knew what my whatsit was. It looked similar to this, except mine was metal:

My whatsit is a decorating ceiling ring (Probably not the official name) used to hang fabric from the hoop to other parts of the ceiling. My mom uses this in her Glamour and Glitz business most of the time and it is usually complemented with a chandelier hanging in the middle. When used properly it looks similar to this:

Many people were thinking that is was a shower curtain holder. Upon first glance, hula-hoop was also a suggestion. Some people had some really random, out of nowhere ideas. When I said it was for decorating, some gears started to grind in people’s head. Only 4 people got exactly what it was. This shows how people classify things that they don’t understand in order to understand.



When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. If life gives you poems, you need to find the meaning of them. The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye and O Captain! My Captain by Walt Whitman are three amazing poems that all connect together with a common meaning. So as morbid as it may be that common theme is Death.
The Charge of the Light Brigade represents the story of life to a fault. It is a poem that discloses the story of the 600 British light cavalry that charged against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava. Each paragraph of the poem states one key concept. They make a plan, they take their plan and charge, they enter into battle but nothing serious happens, the attack heat up and the war begins, the 600 return from battle, and in the generations that followed they are remembered for their great efforts. All of these paragraphs can all correspond with the steps of life. School is the time were you set a plan for the rest of your life. The charge is similar to going to college, as you are on your way to your occupation. A job interview is where you are approaching your job but not exactly there yet. The attack is the challenge of tackling your career for the next thirty years of your life. The return is related to retirement to the point where you finish your battle and come home for relaxation, and after that comes the day you die and you are, hopefully, remembered by your children, grandchildren and so on.
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep is a poem that is similar to a poem Jesus would write and to The Charge Of The Light Brigade. This poem revolves around a spirit talking to someone she or he loves. It is like something that Jesus would write. Jesus is both living and dead and this poem expresses that statement excellently. Similar to The Charge of the Light Brigade this poem is about death. However this poem expresses death in a positive manner and that it explains that “I am not dead I am alive,” and that you are waiting your time looking for me at my grave when I am alive and always with. Just like when the angel told Mary that the man you are looking for is not here, he is among the living and you should go find him.  While in The Charge of the Light Brigade the 600 die and they are remembered for their service. Nothing else.

O Captain! My Captain is its own poem but can be related to the earlier poems also.  O Captain! My Captain sets the tone of a poem that a boy would write about his father. Although his dauntless father was a tremendous captain, he composed this poem to explain the story of his untimely demise. This poem resembles both the previous poems where the last three paragraphs of The Charge of the Light Brigade represent the three paragraphs in this poem. The Captain comes home after his extensive journey injured, he is congratulated for his success and passes away. However there is a more positive feeling to his parting like in Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep.
All of these poems have numerous meanings to them, nonetheless they are all have a general theme to them, which is death. The Charge of the Light Brigade has a noble death, O Captain! My Captain has an untimely death and Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep embraces death.  There are so many ways to express one word.


How to make a PMV

Before we start I want to clarify that I 100% curtain that there is a way easier way do make a PMV then the way I did, however I don’t have the amazing computer and money to buy those programs… so anyways this is steps to the way I did it. Also I am not to sure how to do this on a Mac either. If you are are able to use all the programs listed… then cool… I guess.

1.1     Make sure you have the program windows encoder/screen capture, along with all other programs this program tells you to download.

1.2     have a Netflix account (Youtube would also work but it will most likely take longer to find your video) and something that can run I-Movie.

1.3     You need to have developed a sense of patience.

2.1     Go to Netflix?Youtube and find the video clip you want, open up Windows Screen capture, set the boundaries, then tap until you have the video clip you want. Make sure you give it some time so the Netflix/Youtube menu bar disappears.

2.2     Send the capture to Encoder then cut the clip until it is close to the length of the time you will actually be using it in your PMV.

2.3     When you are finished with the editing save it, name it, and then (Encode selected file/clip whatever it says, its near the bottom of the list). Encoding it transforms the file into a Windows Media File. Then locate the Encoder file in your computer. For me it was in my documents under expression.

2.4     Now remove the encoded file that is automatically saved to your output folder, into another folder.

2.5     (if the version of I-Movie is on your I-Pod/I-Pad device, go to a website call This website allows you to take a file and convert it to any other type of file. Place in the information and for the file you want to convert to, is a .mov file or just mov. When you get the download links, paste them into another folder so you can paste it into I-Tunes.

2.6     When you plug in your device with I-Movie into the computer, go to the menu under the sync process and go to photos. Allow your device to sync the photos/videos from the folder you placed your previous downloaded clips in, and wait.

2.7     When the clips have been transferred over to your device, you now have to sync the clips up with the song you want to make a PMV of. Here is where your patience comes in, as you add more and more clips/photos the editing will get slower and more painful to work with.



This it my PMV  —–> The Nights – PMV <—–          —–> The Other Side – PMV <—–

The clips I used        —–> Clip List <—–                                   —–> Clip List <—–

A Letter to K-Cups

1425 James St.

Millarville AB T0L 1K0

February 10, 2015



Brian Kelley

GMCR Canada Holding Inc.

3700 Rue Jean-Rivard

Montreal QC H1Z 4K3


Dear Mr. Kelley:

I am writing this letter to inform you of the cons to your keurig coffee cups. They are non eco-friendly, risks to human health, and have a very high cost point.

What product is in every store and you never see the actual product that is being sold? K-Cups. They are plastic cups that you place in your Keurig machine and the water trickles through the coffee ground to give it flavor. Then what, you throw away the cup? It is such a waste. It is said that there was enough waste that you could cover the equator 10.5 times with K-Cups in one year. Take for example the amount of plastic used to make each individual cup. Is there not a more efficient way to make great coffee? Would it be possible to start a campaign promoting ways to recycle the container and use the coffee grounds? Could you not advertise on the boxes made for the cups about the many different uses for coffee grounds, like body moisturizers, composting, and other household cleaners, and have a competition for the greatest, most fantastic way to recycle/reuse the plastic cups? Think of the traffic to your website, resulting in higher sales and now your company is also environmentally friendly.

Your K-Cups can also be a real health factor to those who use them. From the added preservatives to the chemicals used in the plastic cups, they are all threatening to human health. Using #7 plastic, also known as “Unknown” proprietary composition sets off a couple of red flags. Not one ingredient used to make this type of coffee is healthy for human consumption. Could you create a plastic K-Cup that posses less health risks for consumers.

How difficult is it to create your own batch of coffee that is not hydrogenated coffee shot through estrogenic chemically filled plastic cups that you can’t even recycle? “But it is more convenient,” is not a good enough excuses to avoid these cups.  Not to mention the cost for these cups is atrocious. Why would I buy some non eco-friendly cups for $12 for 12 when I could go to a local stores and get the same quality of coffee at a quarter of the price? Plus the coffee in the K-Cups isn’t even made fresh, and who doesn’t love the taste of fresh coffee.
In summary, K-Cups are not the most fantastic for the environment, very concerning to consumer health, and are a quite expensive product to purchase.


Jesse Rogan

Look Here Patience!

Dear Patience:

I have known you for 15 years and you never seem present enough. There has been numerous occasions where I have put you on the spotlight and you stood there flabbergasted.

For example; if I had a dollar for every time you weren’t there when I was helping mother folding linen, then I would be living in a private mansion on a Hawaiian Island. You are a complete let down, you annoying personality trait. I need to be able to count on you in my time of need and have you be there when I need you. Come on and help a brother out.

Although I am a man of second chances you have thrown that away, along with my third and forth chance. Another time was when I was at volleyball practice and the boys were fooling around. Frustration was present, where were you? I mean where did you go, on holidays? I don’t have use for traits that take sick days and lie in bed all day. When I was younger I searched for you in the hospital but only found your cousin patients, so I stopped going there. Then I went to the movie theater and watched Cat Woman but only found your namesake.

The other personality traits seem to be around all the time. Anger, sadness, confusion, and pain seem to be there on demand, while you play hide-and-seek. Even your mortal antonym, frustration, seems to be floating around. You two are like the angel and devil hovering above my shoulders, only with one being there more frequently.

People have told me that you will come around more often as I get older, but I don’t have the patience to wait until then.

Thank You Ma’am

———->  The Question List <———-

1. The part where Roger looks at the door – looked at the woman – looked at the door – and went to the sink.

2. The boy said “there’s nobody home at my house,” and the fact that the boy wanted the money to buy some blue suede shoes but really wanted to get money to buy food.

3. I do because in the story Roger was talking about the fact he might be homeless or his family doesn’t have much money to buy food and Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones took him in by force and feed him. He was thankful for all the support and help she gave to him.

4. when strangers take pictures of use ,with our camera, on family trips to Disney World or something.


The Letter

Date December 15, 2014

Dear Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones:

Subject: Thank-you

Its Roger, the boy who tried to steal your pocketbook. I just want to say thank you for taking me in, and teaching me the right ways to obtain a successful in life, through your own methods. From the moment you took me you had a constant trust for me, even when I have wronged you. You do see that in a lot of people anymore. It’s rare. Seeing the trust you put in me encouraged me to try to begin the process of regaining the trust from my parents. They are still a little sceptical about me even though I only see them once a week, however it is getting there. I have earned a job at Starbucks as a cashier which isn’t much, but it pays the bills and gets me food, and the occasional pair of shows (wink). You have been a large influence in my life and I would like to see you again and talk in person. Once again thank-you so much for your help and I can promise you that you won’t see me stealing anymore belongings from others  again.

From: Roger