Father Joy’s First Visit

Father Joy had a lot to say today.  He talked about where he came from and how he got here.  The first thing is he came from India from a province named Kerala.  He said in his home country has a lot of languages. He said that he had to pick from working in Canada or Germany.  Father said that he chose Canada because he knew how to speak English but not German.  Location of Kerala


For motivation, I am a support and independence motivator.  This means that I seek out tools, education, and support from others to help me get the task done. SUPPORT means: I agree with or approve of somebody sometimes showing approval or support through action. I give help or assistance to someone in need. I promote the interests or causes of someone. INDEPENDENCE means: That I am not controlled or influenced by others in matters of opinion, conduct, decisions, etc.; I think or act for myself. I am not a subject to the authority or control of others; autonomous, or free.

My additional motivational factors are Recognition and Achievement. Achievement means: I want the chance to put my skills, knowledge, and abilities to the test. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something, maybe even something that will stand the test of time. Recognition means: I want the recognition that comes with a job well done and I value the respect, admiration, and approval of the people around me. Wherever I choose to work, I’ll want opportunities that can lead me to promotions and eventually to leading others.


I am Technical and Trades.  This means I like to know about physical education and technical trades.  The technical trades means that I like to create or design different products or designs.  The physical side is that I would like to keep a healthy lifestyle and join sports, healths, and sciences.

The Ten Commandmets

There are Ten Commandments that we should follow in this life.  Not all people in the world follow the ten commandments but should. The first commandment is:

  1. I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange names before him.
  2. You shall not take the name of the lord in vain.
  3. Remember to keep the sabbath day holy.
  4. Honor your mother and father.
  5. You shall not commit adultery.                                                                                                       You shall only have one spouse.
  6. You shall not steal.                                                                                                                               You shall take what is yours and nobody else
  7. You shall not kill.                                                                                                                                       You shall let everyone live no matter who it is
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.                                                       You shall treat people even
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.                                                                                    You shall only love your own spouse
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.                                                                               You shall only have what is yours

The Ten Commandments are really healthy to understand b/c if you don’t you’ll have to ask God for forgiveness.


My two interest rates are artistic and realistic.  I like to do stuff realistically and artistically.  Like in sports I like to change it up and in music, I like it real. 

The 10th commandment


The Tenth Commandment says you shall not covet.  Believe it or not, people all around the world do it all the time.  This happens on a daily basis.  Children and teens tend to do it the most.  Instead of wanting you should be giving to those in the need.  There are millions of people, maybe even billions that don’t have enough to want to need.  I know I do it sometimes, everyone does it you just have to ask for forgiveness.  I don’t always think about the poor but I do have a big regard for them even though I don’t know them but everyone should.  Poor people are everywhere and if people give a dollar a day we can help millions of people worldwide.

Learning Styles

I am a Visual-Auditory Learner. I learn by listening, hearing, seeing, and looking. I study by talking with others, listen to recorded media, underline or highlight the main idea in my notes, use flashcards to sort concepts, and study in short blocks of time and give myself breaks. My learning styles are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.



My personality is ENFP (The  Champion). I am:

  • Comfortable in groups
  • Enjoy socializing with others
  • sees big pictures
  • inventive
  • anstract thinker
  • caring
  • able to keep options going
  • able to “go with the flow”