If I were to pick anywhere to go I would probably go and see my older sister in the United States. She lives in Redding, Califonia. Redding is a city in Northern California that was involved in the massive carr fire last year  My sister has lived there for about 7 years and plans to live there for the rest of her life with her husband who is originally from the U.S.A and their two kids.  There are many more places I could go but this one is my place I would by far going to because they are my family and I can only get to see them once or twice a year.

Redding is a beautiful city in the U.S.A. that almost got wiped out by the carr family in July – August 2018.  I am glad that my sister and the rest of the family got out of there in time before it was too late. The carr fire burnt a lot of the city but did not destroy my sister’s house.

Like I said, the reason why I would go to redding is because of its outdoor activities.  Redding has a massive campsite that did not get affected by the fire, which is good because the campsites have massive mountains that are very fun to go hiking on.  Redding has many other activities that are very fun I am choosing not to write about.


Like I said that redding is a beautiful city I would love to live in but can’t.  This city was once affected by the massive historic fire but is now thriving like a flower in spring.  I love my family and I wish I could see them more.  This is where I would go I could teleport and only here.

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