Dream House

My dream house would probably be extremely better than an ordinary house.  This house is going to be a massive house with a lot of rooms and 3 floors.  I was thinking of having this house near a lake or a large span of water (the Ocean).  I would like this house to have an indoor gym, so I can exercise or shoot hoops when I want to.  If I could not get this house close to a lake or large span of water (again the Ocean) then I would like to have my house on an open area (such as an acreage) with bright green grass and big trees surrounding the lot. I would either like this house to have a pool inside the house or outside. 


The house will be 3x bigger than an ordinary house with 3 floors including the basement. The walls in this house to have a platinum gray color.  The kitchen I would let professionals do because I’m no good with the fancy interior.  I would like to have 7 rooms for various reasons.  There will be 4 bathrooms in the house, for each floor plus the extra in the master bedroom.  The downstairs would be a place where I and the boys would hang out.


The place I would like to have this house is near a large body of water or somewhere near my mom because family is everything.  Maybe an acreage near my mother’s house will be my place to set or I could have my house in a tropical place like Florida and bring my mom with me.  Anyway, this place has to be warm enough to have a pool and enough land for a gym on the side. I dream of having this house in a place with lots of trees so It provides shade.  I’m hoping that this area has lush green grass.


This is my dream house and when I’m older I hope this dream can come true.  Anyways this house has everything I am hoping for in a house and “if” I can get this house than I can die a happy life.

occupations result

None of my occupation results changed.  I did not change from the last time we did these surveys.  I am still basically a visual learner and studier.  I do think these traits are very true because I am a visuzl learner and pretty much visual for everything else.

3 songs

My 3 favorite songs are- Sweet Caroline, Ring of fire, and Folsom prison blues

I think these songs tell a great story in them and if I was to pick one as my top I would pick Folsom prison blues.  This song tells a lot of what is happening and is really easy to understand.

Ideas won’t keep

Our lives are fast-paced, demanding. We often rush through our lives on automatic pilot, tuning out life around us-and even tuning out ourselves. We hardly notice the present as it slips by; we let our ideas and feelings pass unexplored. Day by day, our lives slip by in the same hardly noticed way.



What this read is telling us is that life is hard but we can but we have to deliver our best in the hardest times.  We have to live day to day with courage