Dream House

My dream house would probably be extremely better than an ordinary house.  This house is going to be a massive house with a lot of rooms and 3 floors.  I was thinking of having this house near a lake or a large span of water (the Ocean).  I would like this house to have an indoor gym, so I can exercise or shoot hoops when I want to.  If I could not get this house close to a lake or large span of water (again the Ocean) then I would like to have my house on an open area (such as an acreage) with bright green grass and big trees surrounding the lot. I would either like this house to have a pool inside the house or outside. 


The house will be 3x bigger than an ordinary house with 3 floors including the basement. The walls in this house to have a platinum gray color.  The kitchen I would let professionals do because I’m no good with the fancy interior.  I would like to have 7 rooms for various reasons.  There will be 4 bathrooms in the house, for each floor plus the extra in the master bedroom.  The downstairs would be a place where I and the boys would hang out.


The place I would like to have this house is near a large body of water or somewhere near my mom because family is everything.  Maybe an acreage near my mother’s house will be my place to set or I could have my house in a tropical place like Florida and bring my mom with me.  Anyway, this place has to be warm enough to have a pool and enough land for a gym on the side. I dream of having this house in a place with lots of trees so It provides shade.  I’m hoping that this area has lush green grass.


This is my dream house and when I’m older I hope this dream can come true.  Anyways this house has everything I am hoping for in a house and “if” I can get this house than I can die a happy life.

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