Dream Car

Everyone has their dreams. I also have a dream. I aim high to reach it. I know everyone wants to have a gorgeous car. I also want to have my dream car. There are many different types of cars, there are Sedan, Sports car, Antique, MPV, and Estate Car. My dream car would have to be a  ‘Volkswagen Golf GTI’. I love this car because it is so gorgeous because of its body. I want it in an automatic transmission because driving an automatic car is as easy as pie than a manual transmission. Besides, if I have that car, I want to change it to a sports car.

The engine is a very important part of the car.  It is better I turn it from ‘GTI’ to ‘GTR’ Engine which is made by Nissan Corporation in Japan. ‘GTR’ engine is the fastest engine. It is an original engine for Nissan 350z, Nissan 370z, Nissan Skyline GTR, and Nissan GTR.  Next, I need a big garage. So, I can put my car, and spare parts such as wheels, exhaust, spoiler, hoods, and lights.

I do not want to take a risk on the highway, so I would like my car to have headlights that are very good. Afterall a crash on the highway is pretty fatal but also very costly. If I have that car, I would like the color to be white and have a mid-dark pearl black tint on the windows. Also, I want to put neon lights and vinyl to make my car more beautiful.

Moreover, I want to clean my car every day because I want to make my car feel like it is a luxurious car instead of a crappy run-down car. I want to install the High technology security in my car to avoid a thief stealing my car. Also, I want to install the Dashboard camera to record the incidents that happen while driving. Then, I would have an Android, Windows 8, or Apple car play operating system in my car. It would make it easy for me to surf the Internet and I could play games during free time.

Lastly, I would like a promising GPS, because if I wouldn’t want to get lost on a journey.  GPS stands for Global Positioning System which is found in cars. If our car doesn’t have those facilities, we also can install it. I would like to install the GPS system in my car. Furthermore, I would like to change the interior to a branded interior.

So, I should study hard to aim for it. Because Volkswagen Golf is an expensive car because it is from Europe and the cost to modify it is very expensive.  I would like to have this car before college so I am going to have to save up for it.

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