Supply and Demand Curves

What is a equilibrium price? In a state of equilibrium, the supply of a product can meet the demand for a product as a particular price. (8 for the price)

How many units will be demanded/supplied at that price? There will be eight units. 


The market for the good is flooded by more supply.  In response producers will decrease prices encourage consumers to buy.  As this happens, demands for the product should increaseAs demands increase, consumers will buy up the product and the supply should start to decrease.  As supply decreases, this drives the price of the product increase as consumers begin to compete for the remaining supply.  As the prices increase, this should decrease demand.  With fewer consumers purchasing the product, supply will start to increase. 


pages I read

I read pages 210-218 and found it all really interesting.  The supply and demand was really the interesting part in how a supply goes up and what happens to it and price and then what happens to demand and the supply when it goes down.

The Case studies

For this assignment I have to do the case studies for “The Case Of The Canadian Filmmaker”, which talks about a filmmaker who apply’s for a government grant and then fails or succeeds. The second case I will be doing is the “The Case Of The Disappearing Jobs”, which talks about about jobs disappearing due mostly to company problems. The last case is called “The Case Of Workers’ Strike”, which talks about workers that are going “Strike” due to issues at work. 

The first case I will be talking about is “The Case Of The Canadian Filmmaker”, this case talks about this filmmaker that wants to make a movie but doesn’t have the money to make this movie.   If he asks for a government grant than he will most likely get the movie.  If he does not get the government grant than he will not get the movie because earlier in the story it said he doesn’t have the money.  Getting the grant would probably make the movie more popular because you are getting help from the government.   If the movie did not get help from government and didn’t even get the grant their movie probably is gonna fail.

The second case is called, “The Case Of Disappearing Jobs”.  The case talks about jobs that are going missing.  One of the most reasonable reasons is that companies might try and do a better financial plan to try and save money.  A example is the Hershey Company closing a chocolate factory in SMITHS FALLS and then moving to mexico for a bigger factory and more employers.  The reason for this is to of course make a better profit with more employers and a bigger company.

The third case is called, “The Case of the Workers’ strike” This case talks about jobs going on Strike.  This means that jobs are going on strike due to employees refusing to work cause of problems at work..etc.  The workers would not go to work because of work problems.  This happened to many people and many companies so the companies had to change that.

I had fun writing this essay and doing some research on these cases.  I also learnt a lot of stuff about these cases I did not learn.  My favourite case would have to be the case of the disappearing jobs.  I really like that one because I’m familiar with Hershey and they are a pretty big company.  I really enjoyed this essay because it was interesting and if I had the choice to write it again than I would.

Hero’s Journey

I have watched many movies about people who save people, the world, etc.   I do like watching the movies but I have read numerous books that would beat the movies by a far mile.  Like I said, the movies are good but I like to imagine what is happening in my mind for hours rather than watch a movie for an hour or two.  I have read lots of books and my favourites or about heroes who somehow save the world from global annihilation.  I am currently reading a three-book series called “The Reckoners”.  These three books are very good and would probably rate in my top 3. The book is about epics(superheroes) that have taken over the world and now a man named David must try and overcome the epics due to past trauma.


“The Reckoners{STEEL-HEART}”(book one) is one of my favourite books in the world (that I have read of course).  This book follows the Hero’s journey really well.  In fact this book is about a kid in a desolated land that is trying to overpower the super”hero’s” that now have completely destroyed every globally wide city or taking or like a tyrant or something.  Well like I said there is a kid in this book that decides he wants to turn this tyranny around because when he was little he witness  his father killed by the strongest epic in the world….Steel-Heart.


That was the first part of the book, the rest of the book is exactly how the the heroes journey plot is.


identifying a good read

I read the passage “The hunt for planet 9”. It was a really good short story that had a lot of interesting facts about the missing ninth planet. The reason why I like this short story is that I really like anything to do with space. If I was given the choice to read this story again I would because it had a lot of interesting facts that I would like to read again


This story talks about a planet that is located a couple of light-years away from Neptune.  One of the most interesting parts of this story is that they either don’t know if it is really a planet or a black hole that can destroy the earth.  What they’ll probably have to need to find this “ninth planet” because of its unreachable distance.  This planet is so far that they are already using the strongest telescope and still cannot sees it.  In fact the “planet” is SO far that it is to be 400 AU to 800 AU, roughly 13 to 26 times the distance from Neptune to the Sun.

I also learned that the two scientists discovered two other dwarf planets around Pluto.  I did not here of these two scientists before I read this passage.  I do in fact know that there is a lot of dwarf planets around Pluto but I did not know that there were so many till I searched it up. In fact when I search up some stuff that was interesting in this passage I learned that there is a  black hole near our Galaxy  called Sagittarius A.


I really liked this text because it was really interesting but it did take a while to read.  One of the most interesting things I learned was that the two scientist found to new dwarf planets.  In the future if do ever want to read this passage i would gladly do it because it was really interesting and enjoying.


P.S.       Sorry it took so long totally forgot about this assignment, but i’m just trying to complete everything before school ends.