Hero’s Journey

I have watched many movies about people who save people, the world, etc.   I do like watching the movies but I have read numerous books that would beat the movies by a far mile.  Like I said, the movies are good but I like to imagine what is happening in my mind for hours rather than watch a movie for an hour or two.  I have read lots of books and my favourites or about heroes who somehow save the world from global annihilation.  I am currently reading a three-book series called “The Reckoners”.  These three books are very good and would probably rate in my top 3. The book is about epics(superheroes) that have taken over the world and now a man named David must try and overcome the epics due to past trauma.


“The Reckoners{STEEL-HEART}”(book one) is one of my favourite books in the world (that I have read of course).  This book follows the Hero’s journey really well.  In fact this book is about a kid in a desolated land that is trying to overpower the super”hero’s” that now have completely destroyed every globally wide city or taking or like a tyrant or something.  Well like I said there is a kid in this book that decides he wants to turn this tyranny around because when he was little he witness  his father killed by the strongest epic in the world….Steel-Heart.


That was the first part of the book, the rest of the book is exactly how the the heroes journey plot is.


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