identifying a good read

I read the passage “The hunt for planet 9”. It was a really good short story that had a lot of interesting facts about the missing ninth planet. The reason why I like this short story is that I really like anything to do with space. If I was given the choice to read this story again I would because it had a lot of interesting facts that I would like to read again


This story talks about a planet that is located a couple of light-years away from Neptune.  One of the most interesting parts of this story is that they either don’t know if it is really a planet or a black hole that can destroy the earth.  What they’ll probably have to need to find this “ninth planet” because of its unreachable distance.  This planet is so far that they are already using the strongest telescope and still cannot sees it.  In fact the “planet” is SO far that it is to be 400 AU to 800 AU, roughly 13 to 26 times the distance from Neptune to the Sun.

I also learned that the two scientists discovered two other dwarf planets around Pluto.  I did not here of these two scientists before I read this passage.  I do in fact know that there is a lot of dwarf planets around Pluto but I did not know that there were so many till I searched it up. In fact when I search up some stuff that was interesting in this passage I learned that there is a  black hole near our Galaxy  called Sagittarius A.


I really liked this text because it was really interesting but it did take a while to read.  One of the most interesting things I learned was that the two scientist found to new dwarf planets.  In the future if do ever want to read this passage i would gladly do it because it was really interesting and enjoying.


P.S.       Sorry it took so long totally forgot about this assignment, but i’m just trying to complete everything before school ends.

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