Trump mask


  1. The first thing I did to complete this was I got a good picture of Trump of the internet.

2.The next thing I did was add it to Gimp and position it.

3.After that, I got a mask off the internet and added it onto trump in the Gimp.

4.  The fourth thing that I did was erase the white outer layer from the mask. (Which you use Fuzzy select tool and eraser)


Final product


What I am doing has to have involvement with the number 106.  So you make something that has the involvement with 106.  I had the bright idea of making a book cover of a story called the mystery of 106.

I used Canva to create mine.

First I selected a picture that would suit my idea.

The second thing I did was add the title(has to involve 106), and tilt it slightly to the left.  Add it to the book cover too.


The third thing you do is add an author or illustrator.  I chose to do Anonymous 106.  Add it to the book cover after.

The last thing I did was put these designs altogether and your final product should look like this.

I chose this because of many attempts ideas it was pretty fun.


The  Rutherford Scholarship is a scholarship that pays few students to recognize and reward the academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.

Favorite Hobbies

My three favourite hobbies are playing basketball, hockey, and listening to music.  If I was to choose one for my favorite hobby, I would choose music by far.  I love music so much that it has inspired me to make my own music when I  am older.  If I don’t get a career in making music then I would probably be an athlete but still have the love for music.  I like playing sports like most kids, but music to me is way better.  if was to get into being a music producer I would go into the EDM genre which to me is by far the best.  The cool part in EDM is that there are 100s of genres in it.  EDM stands for Electric Dance Music.  Honestly, if you gave me the choice of playing video games or music then I would probably choose music.  Music to me is like a whole other universe where I can focus on thoughts and relax.  I like basketball and hockey, they are 2 other hobbies that I really like.

Occupation matches

I did 5 occupation matches.  The top 3 that I got 90 and above were Referee, Radio and television announcer(radio disc jockey), and Sound Engineer as my higest.

Sound engineer: 93%

Referee: 91%

Radio DJ: 90%

Occupation Matches

My Occupation Matches changed a lot from the last time.  I went from being a ENFP to a ENFJ in the personality type.  In the Top Subject I went from technical trades to computers and business to creative arts and then stayed the same for physical education.  For learning style I went from Auditory-Visual to just Auditory.  For the interest type I went from Designer to The Shepard .My Top Motivation went from Support, Independence and Recognition to Achievement, Relationships and Independence.