Happy Camper

To really become a happy camper you need to think on the bright side, wake up on the right side of the bed. When you go downstairs in the morning, do not sound and treat people like a bear, but be positive in your preparation for a knowledge filled day of school. Happy Campers make people smile, they make the world a better place to be, and a more friendly society.
An example of being a happy camper is believing in the ability to succeed in others. One person that I know I believe in more than they believe in themselves, is my cousin Morgan. She is a few months older than me, but I know that she isn’t as confident in her abilities as I am in hers. I know for a fact that if she believed in herself more for areas like math, she would be able to set higher standards for her quality of work, and in turn, find more success on a personal level. I think that Morgan could be one of the most intelligent students, if not the most if she actually believed that she could be. I always try to encourage her to do the best that she can in anything she tries, and I’m glad I can encourage her to do her best.
Teens face many struggles in our day to day lives. We put so much effort into making people think we are so great, rather than showing them how great we are, by being ourselves. It is understandable though, even walking through the halls of our school, people are afraid of being publicly humiliated. People glare at others for even making eye contact with somebody they do not like, let alone to have a conversation. The difference between them and a happy camper is the ability to shrug off the comments and rude remarks and to do what makes you happy, and talk to whoever you want to talk to, and just be yourself when people think that yourself is not enough.
I do not believe that I am a happy camper. At least not in every aspect. For instance, I like to leave the campsite better than I found it, and I do believe in some people more than they believe in themselves. I just don’t make decisions that I want to make sometimes, because I want to fit in, I don’t always want to stand out. I know that this isn’t the most positive thing to say but it wouldn’t feel right to say that I always make decisions like a happy camper would, or even a driver. I really would like to be more of a happy camper and I have been working to rely less on others about decisions that only affect myself and how I live my life. But when you really stop and think about it for a minute, I don’t see many other happy campers around our school either.
The pledge to becoming a happy camper is “ I “state your name” do hereby take the solemn pledge to be a happy camper and as a happy camper I believe in choices so when somebody comes up to me and says hey how you doing and you say great and to birth and death to make the world better behind me than in front of me like lets say I walk into the cafeteria and there’s some garbage on the table. I pick up some of it, I don’t pick up all of it. What am I an idiot? I’ll pick up some of it. And through random acts of kindness, I’ll help someone smile.”
And there you go, you’re a happy camper, so go and spread your happiness to all, and make the world a better place around you.

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