Qualities of a Friendship

If one was to build themselves the ultimate best friend, and mould their interests and characteristics I know from experience that many of my friends have things in common with me. Many include an interest in sports, or a strong sense of humor, and also are rather intelligent. I also like the ability for a friend to give me good advice when I need it. A friendship should be built on honesty and mutual respect for one another.

The most significant trait that all of my friends share and would be necessary to put in the ultimate friend, is honesty. Without honesty, one cannot have a positive and healthy relationship with other people. In a friend I want the complete truth, even if it is not what I want to hear. That’s how you know they will stand up for you when you are not there to stand up for yourself. That is why honesty is the most important aspect of any relationship.

The ability to make me laugh is important in a friend as well. Most of my friends are very funny in the quick witted way, or as a master of sarcasm, and can always be counted on to make people smile by providing some comic relief. I like to be able to tell humorous stories between my friends as well to pass the time. Laughter just adds a more pleasurable side to any friendship. 

Another important characteristics is that most of my friends are rather intelligent and wise. They are great people to get advice from if I cannot come up with a solution to the problem by myself. It is also helpful if I am struggling on a certain math formula or science question. Having reliable friends to help you is something that cannot be beat.

Having friends in general is a blessing, but if you really got to be picky, I think absolute honesty, a strong sense of humour and a high IQ and a good giver of advice would be the most crucial pieces to an ultimate friend.

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