Counterculture is the act of doing something different from the majority.  It is usually not taken well to, like the people who criticized Jesus for helping and spending time with the poor, the sick, and the hungry, whereas many other people would try to avoid those communications or time spent with them at all cost.


The beatitudes, to most people back in the days of Jesus, would be extremely counter-culture.  The Beatitudes show us how we should all live, not just as Catholics, but everyone of every faith.  Nowadays I would not say that the words wrote in “Matthew- 5:3-10” would not be considered counterculture because we as a people try to treat others the way we would like to be treated by them.  They have become how many people try to live their lives and to help us embrace each other’s differences. They show us how to live, and tell us how not to live.

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To embrace a counterculture identity we need to ignore the people who would question our decisions and our acts that defy the usual actions of others.  We need to be counter-culture in our own way so that everyone can feel respected.

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