Caveman Principle

In the last hundred thousand years the human race has made millions of adaptations to our day to day lives but according to research our brains and personalities have not changed much since then. We always want proof to support a story or an argument. According to Michio Kaku when there is conflict between modern technology, and our primitive desires, the desires of our ancestors always win, and this is known as the caveman principle.

If we ever thought back to how our interactions between other humans would have been like, what do you think we would find? According to many different websites, about 100,000 years ago homosapiens were beginning to develop the ability to verbally communicate with one another. But could they really speak languages? I don’t think that they could speak words to each other, I believe most communication was still non-verbal or though grunting or other bodily noises from the mouth as forms of communication.

Since then we have greatly advanced society in every aspect, but besides technology, language would be probably the most significant advancement. In the world there are currently 6909 living languages. These 6909 languages make up approximately 94% of languages spoken worldwide. That is fascinating considering the fact that over 100,000 years ago there was no language at all.

If we have developed so much language in the last 100,000 years, what do you think that language will be in 100,000 years in the future? With all the technological advancements made in the last hundred years, I would say that in 100,000 years, communication will be in one universal language, basically blue-toothing our brains into a form of communication and having the ability to verbally communicate, non-verbally. To speak with our thoughts, in any language and have it translated to the person who is listening to us, into their preferred language.

Although the future of communication is unknown, it is likely that the brains and personalities of the people living at that time. It is likely that they too would rather see proof of the kill, then just simply to hear about it. This is how humans and this is how humans will always be.

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