Postulates of Faith

In class, we discussed the postulates of faith and we learned some interesting perspectives and thoughts on philosophical questions.  We learned about the beginning of the universe, God, human souls, and free choice.  These help us to reinforce our belief in Christ, and how he began the universe, and how something can come from nothing.

Was the universe was created, or was it always here?  It had to have come from nothing from nothing at the beginning if the universe is getting bigger everyday, and farther and farther away.  But how did it start, what lit the fuse behind the Big Bang.  The answer to this isn’t having an answer, but in fact knowing that there is an answer somewhere and somehow.

Our souls our the same way, they were not always here, because we were not always here.  Our souls must have come from nothing if they were not always here, but how?  This is God, he starts all things that come from nothing.  He makes our souls from nothing.  He started the universe from nothing, I was confused at first at how, but I learned that it is not knowing how something came to be, but it is that something came to be is the answer.

Human beings have free will.  We can choose to follow false idols, or believe in untruths, although every person has free will, many of us choose to use it incorrectly, like playing video games instead of doing homework, abusing substances, activities of illegality, and many more.  But God forgives us, he gives us the choice to love him, and it is our choice to accept his love, and eventually his kingdom of heaven once we pass on from this life.

The postulates of faith are complicated questions, with very simple answers. The class conversation taught me to dig deeper in my thinking and helped me to deeper understand God’s works which I will never truly be able to comprehend, it is through science and religion that we can calculate the answer to any problem.


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