What does it mean to be human

Humans share a lot of similar qualities with a lot of living or non-living things.  We have weight, mass, and life, and grow.  We share these qualities with every living thing on this planet.  These are objective qualities that are true at all times, in all places in the universe.  But it is not these qualities that make us humans, it is the qualities that make us different that shows us what it means to be human.

Humans can adapt to there environment.  Most animals can overtime, but humans can adapt immediately, without wiping out half of their population.  Polar bears are endangered because of global warming and the melting of icebergs, humans, however, are not drastically being affected by this problem currently.  If a human is thrown out into the cold, they can build a fire, so they do not freeze to death, there is no animal that can deliberately build fire beside humans.  That is a rather impressive feat.Image result for campfire

Humans can feel emotions, deep, descriptive emotions like love, and hate, unlike animals who only feel joy and fear basically.  It is these emotions that make us humans for we are the only species that have personalities.   They make us unique from other species, and unique from other humans as well.  It is quite astonishing that human beings take for granted the feelings of others when we collectively are the only creature in God’s creation that has feelings at all.Image result for emotions

Animals are a slave to their own fate.  They cannot decide that they are going to change their diet, or just move across the planet because of a preferred temperature, they simply cannot.  We can.  Humans are the only creature all times, and all places in the universe that can decide, or change their fate.  A person can pick up their belongings and fly across the ocean if they really wanted to, but an animal can’t.  They live the life that they have to, in the location that they must, and die accordingly.  Quite unique.Image result for canadian passport

Human beings are very unique creatures all times, all places in the universe that can communicate, have feelings, adapt, and change their fate.  It is a marvel in all actuality.  We are the only things that can decide the outcome of this planet because of our differences and this is why we must.

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