The New House

    The New House is a poem about how people leave a mark on the places they have been, after they are gone.  This poem makes you think about how your friends, colleagues and family will remember us when we are gone.  In this poem the author shows that she was forgotten, along with the emotions and memories that came from her.  But does this mean that we exist beyond our physical presence on this Earth.

    Many people who belong to a religion believe in a place after Earth where we remain and live for the rest of eternity.  This is where I disagree with many. I believe that everyone has their own heaven, where we all see how we want, and to be with who we want to be with.  It is our own place of sanctuary, and peace. In this poem, this author has passed on and is in her heaven, and is looking back on the life that she left behind her.  It is very powerful and inspiring to make us want to leave our mark on this world.

    The New House is a poem showing that eventually we will all fade out of the memories of the people we leave behind on this planet.  This poem is a sad story of how her memory have drowned out of the thoughts of others. It is a sad but true revelation that will surely happen to all of us in history.

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