Gaining Yardage

Gaining yardage is a poem about two teenage boys who are not your conventional sort of friends.  They do not label their relationship or discuss gossip, but they spend time with one another and share experiences.


Arlo and the speaker are friends, they probably would not call each other friends, but if they thought about it they would probably come to that conclusion.  They can depend on each other, even though they do not communicate as often as the stereotypical friends do. They were good friends though, they worked together at their farm, picking rocks and beans and they even sat on the bench of their hometown football team.  


In the last two lines of the poem it talks about how if arlo and his father moved away they probably would no longer be friends.  This might seem strange to most, but they didn’t have the kind of relationship that would last if they did not see each other often.  Although this may be true, this doesn’t make them any less friends. They would still be friends as long as they lived near one another and would always be able to count on them.

Jargons are terms used only by specific groups.  The author described throwing a lateral pass during the football game.  This term only refers to football, thus making it unlikely for people with no prior knowledge on football, to understand.  Jargons are used in friendship as well, nicknames or slang words that are between you and your friend that maybe only you and your specific friend can understand exactly what it means.

This poem is very interesting and I would recommend it to kids who enjoy football, or friends with no titles.  For it is often in writing that we can find advice or comfort through even the toughest times, such as a friend moving.


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