As In The Beginning

As in the beginning is a poem about how we feel the pain of our loved ones physically harming us.  It is about how the loss of her father’s fingers is affecting the writer. We see the utmost level of empathy in this poem, and it makes you think about how you would respond to a situation similar to this.  This defines how we feel about ourselves and begs the question. What makes us whole?

    When someone is whole, we associate that with a spiritual oneness, that we believe makes them at peace.  We fail to think about how it threatens somebody’s quality of life when they fear they will not be accepted because of their physical form being different from the majority of society.  People begin to believe they do not deserve love, when every person they see makes him an outcast. They begin to lose their joy and become angry and sad and turn away from God, the only thing that truly loves us forever.  Simply based on how we treat people, we can destroy all of a person, causing them to turn to darkness and making them feel not whole.

    In the beginning of this poem the speaker depicts this man so objectively that it we sympathize for the man’s situation, in which he lost his fingers in an accident.  After the first nine lines, she begins to describe in depth how this accident affects others, and how he will never hold his wife’s hands ever again, or his daughter, and all the simple things that will have become impossible to him, or painful even.  When you think about really how upsetting this poem is and step into the man’s shoes, you really empathize, and imagine if you were in the same boat as the man.

    The significance of this title reminds us of all of the wonderful things we take for granted that we have always been able to do since we were a child.  To hold the hands of another, to catch a baseball, even to hold a soda can. All of these things the man in the poem most likely took for granted all his life.  It’s a very powerful title for such a sad poem.

    All the time we hear of people getting into accidents and we sympathize with them but we usually don’t think about how the accident will change their life.  This poem clearly shows how this man and his family will be affected by this accident for the rest of their lives. This poem really focuses on lasting impressions very similar to “The New House”.

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