Top 7 of my favorite halo weapons

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7. energy sword

6. SMG

5. Sniper rifle

4. plasma rifle

3. Assault rifle

2. Frag grenade

1. Battle rifle

Web Design 2 (blog editing Gravitar)

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To change your gravitar on your blog you have to go to your dashboard then click on the users button   then click your profile. Once you do that scroll down until you see

click on gravitar to change the picture. once your in gravitar you have to log in then click this  then it will give you 4 choices on how to change the image.  URL is the most simple way.

Web Design 2 (Blog editing tittle, tagline ,ect)

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To change the title of your blog you have to click customize then click site identity  then you will be able to change the title and the tagline.


Web design 2 (iblog editing Plugin

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To activate the  jQuery Colorbox plugin go to your blog’s dashboard then click plugins 

then search up the jQuery Colorbox plugin   Then activate it.


Web design 2 (Iblog editing)

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to change the theme of your iblog you will have to hit the customize button on the top of the screen.    then hit this  then there will be a lot of diffrent themes to choose from.

To edit some Widgets once again you will have to click the customize button then hit widgets. then click these two.   then you can add some widgets you want to have.

top 5 instruments I like

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5. violen


3. piano

2. Drums

1.  Dubpads/DJ kit

top 11 video games I love

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  • 11: super Mario advance(2001)
  • 10:New super mario bros. Wii (2010)
  • 9: Mario kart super circuit (2001)
  • 8:Halo combat evolved anniversary (2011)
  • 7:Halo reach  (2010)
  • 6: Halo ODST (2009)
  • 5: Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
  • 4: Mario&Luigi bowser’s inside story (2009)
  • 3: Halo 3 (2007)
  • 2:Mario galaxy (2007)
  • 1: Halo 2 (2004)

honourable mentions

Gangstar vegas (2015)

Minecraft (2009)

Mario party 8 (2007)

paper Mario sticker star (2013)

New super Mario bros. DS (2005)

super Mario 64 DS (2004)

Mario&Luigi Paper Jam (2016-2017)

Mario&Luigi dream team (2014)

Luigi’s mansion (2001)

Luigi’s mansion dark moon (2013)

super Mario sunshine (2002)



Web design (top 5)

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top 5

  • 5 . thats not what I expected project. this project was funny because only 2 people guessed it right 🙂 what is that?


  • 4 .the farm colour changer I had to include this project in the top 5 list because its of my favorite place in this world, I even made a song about it because its like heaven on earth.



  • 2 .Sammy! I had to show this project more than once because I love sammy!!


“music is life because our hearts beat”


earlier when we were talking about human rights violations I put up this video.


human rights violation video






Changing worlds

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Changing worlds

“It’s better here anyway” Skyler thought to himself. “Here no one knows who I am, no one here hates me like everyone back ‘home.’ He looked at the group that was way below him, He was in a helicopter with his squad. He liked the helicopter rides it made him feel superior because everyone else looked like small ants, it kind of looked like it too everyone was running around or carrying something, but ants built stuff to survive we’re building stuff that ends life… it’s a mess but so is life. He has a weapon it’s his mind and it’s been charging up a blast ever since middle school. He did have some warmth with him and not because it’s hot in the Nam his friend Todd also joined the squad but like in most war movies there’s always a mean one in the bunch and this proves to be true in real life except it’s not acting and he actually knows you I’m talking about Dany a real pain in high school “We’ll be Landing in two minutes check your gear and get ready!. “Yes sir!” That was sergeant Travis he’s not a huge pain like most scypho sergeant’s but you still don’t want to mess with him. On my left is Teddy we’ve talked a little he seems okay but you will never fully understand what’s in a person’s mind. Over there on the M-60 turret is Henry he’s the tuff guy of the group or I’ve heard he hasn’t talked to me I don’t know if I did anything wrong or what but I guess people act differently than others even though we’re the same species. “LZ looks clear I’m bringing us down!” “Hey Skyler you should just ride back to base your gonna get us killed like that time in school” “Oh shut up that was a while ago!” “Both of you shut up do want to broadcast our position to the enemy?!” “Yes sir” but that didn’t stop Dany from coming over and whispering to me” “this isn’t school any more this is hell” “Buzz of will you I know this isn’t school but I’ll probably learn more here” “you don’t get it Skyler you gotta grow up these aren’t toy guns these are real this is real We are in the real world” “your the definition of real world Dany your annoying,mean,and won’t leave me alone” “hey Dany stop we’re on the same side let’s not fight each other” “hmph what ever” “thanks Todd” “ahh no problem that guy is a jerk”. “Hah yep he is” just like the real world he thought.

It was nightfall Dany just woke me up for my shift at watch. “You better not sleep on us or else we’re dead got it?” “Yeah yeah let me do my thing” it was really boring job there was no action but it still wasn’t like school because I get to look at the stars, the stars are kind of like ya there just there God put them there for a reason. *kapew!*
Oh crap! Guys enemy’s!” “Son of a gun why didn’t you tell us earlier?!” I’m sorry sergeant!” It was horrible hot black bullets were flying all over the place I ran behind a tree I took a peek and a bullet bounced off my helmet. “Jeez Skyler two mistakes in under 30 seconds is that a new record? “Shut up man!” “Both of you shut up and fire!” I grabbed my m-16 rifle and shot 3 rounds hoping I hit something and I did all right but it was another tree. “Hey your at 3 mistakes now!” “Let me focus!!” But I couldn’t how could anybody concentrate when at any moment you could die. I wasn’t paying attention and the enemy were flanking us. The fire was too thick I had to go on my hands and knees behind a rock that was getting pelted With death. I heard an explosion and screams that were high pitched but later the screams died as red blood covered the black ground were the grenade blew up. It was incredible an object smaller than a hand killed six people. “Do you still have your fingers and toes?” “yes sir” “well we’re all lucky to be alive Skyler if anyone here got killed it would of been your fault what were you doing?” “I wasn’t sleeping i was just thinking about different things. I braced for impact but not from enemy artillery, I knew that Dany was going to let me have it… But i didn’t hear him this time something was wrong. Where’s Dany? He should be yelling at me now. “Well I wouldn’t blame him this time you are supposed to be keeping watch not be lost in your mind! This is our first patrol and your already lost in your mind! That kind off hurt coming from Todd, but know we were more focused on finding out where Danny was. “Danny where are you?!” after sarge asked we heard a faint scream in the distance. “Aww man they have him!” “crap… okay we have to get him back they will beat valuable information out of him come on get to the helicopter double time!’’ we got on and hoped we would make it in time.

“Hey sarge we’re just going to save him so he won’t spill any info right? “Well yeah why else would we go?” “So what do you care about more the info our his soul? Just man the turret there gonna know where coming!” Sigh “yes sir” I grabbed the turret and got ready. The sun was rising it’s strange that God would put such a beautiful sight in the middle of war, maybe for hope or maybe for the last nice thing to see before going to combat. I would tell people here that this place is cold as hell but I would probably get criticized for it even though it makes sense if you think about it. Arg im getting lost in my thoughts again I should stop, it’s my fault that Danny is in this situation, Heck even Todd’s mad at me. Something bounced off of the turret and another then lots of bullets were hitting us. Todd leaned over “man there right in the open shoot them!” I started to fire but I closed my eyes I couldn’t open them for some reason. Move out of the way i’ll get th. It was sudden Todd just feel with red all over the place his head landed on my lap with his lifeless eyes looking at me more bullets were hitting him instead of me so I backed up and he fell out of the helicopter. NO!! I grabbed a rocket launcher and aimed it at them and blew 4 of them out of existence. We flew out of there range. I knew we had to be close to where they were taking Danny there sure were a lot of them. I leaned back in my seat and thought about Todd, it was my fault God didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye for some reason but I can’t think of it right now because we had a job to do.

Sarge put the helicopter down, we spotted a building about 60 meters away from us it was a hell of a guess but we hoped this was the right one. “Give me the M-60 I’ll need a big gun for a big job.” I thought sarge was going to hesitate but he gave it to me in no time at all. I had to try to keep everyone else alive. We moved up until we heard voices. We couldn’t just run in like kids to an ice cream truck, we had to think. Henry suggested that he would take out as many as me could with his sniper while we flank the enemy. “No they would easily surround you, how about you guys hold em off while I go in alone. “Don’t be crazy man! You won’t survive in there!” “Just let me do this,this is all my fault now I gotta take responsibility for it now go” “okay… okay we’ll hold them off as long as we can… just be careful please. “Thanks sergeant good luck you’ll need it more than me.”

I slowly crawled up to the building and waited for the signal which Henry would take out the sniper on the tower and the enemy would engage. I was focused I didn’t think about anything I just hoped it wasn’t to late. The man in the tower fell off after the bullets went through his face, the enemy started to fire on the squad’s position Now was my chance. I climbed over the wall quietly and snuck inside the building. It was dark there was no windows just grey concrete and a dirty floor. I heard running footsteps coming this way I looked around and found a rusty old locker so I went in there, this also worked when I played hide n seek in middle school I would always win. They ran past, I could breathe. I waked slow and found myself in a big hallway lighted by holes in the roof I looked in a room and saw beds I thought about going in to see if I can find any info but it would be better to find my squadmate. I heard more voices this sounded like a whole platoon I quickly ran in the next room it was a bathroom that had some decay. I went in a stall, it kind of reminded me of a school lockdown they went past but one came in and got on his hands and knees and started to cry. I didn’t know what to do so I thought for a minute. I grabbed my knife and sneaked out he was holding a picture of his family, I slipped because of the wet flood and he spun around but didn’t do anything he just held up the picture and said “dead my wife is dead! But my daughter is alive but they won’t let me go there are forcing me to fight for there cause!” Hey went down on his knees and started crying again. I couldn’t kill him because blessed are those who are merciful for they shall receive mercy. I knew I had to find my squadmate but he felt a similar way to his daughter so I pushed him back and pulled out a grenade and blew the wall “quickly go!” He grabbed my hand then left. I heard yelling they were coming. I grabbed the M-60 and shot them to pieces. They had to of heard that so I ran but slipped on the bloody floor I had to leave the M-60 it was too heavy. I ran room to room until I heard screaming and it sounded familiar. I got my last grenade blew the door and went in with my pistol no hesitation at all just shot them all in the face it was too much adrenaline to stop. I kicked the chains off of his arms and legs, he had a 5 toothpicks in his hand and cheeks. “Why are you here!? “Because we fight the enemy not ourselves plus this was all my fault Todd’s fricking dead man… let’s just get back to the squad there holding them off but it’s a lot…

We shuck out, the gunnfire made it easy. We climbed over the wall and ran to the helicopter. “Hey guys I got him he’s here run!!” “Okay!!” We ran back the bullets bouncing off everything, “arghhh! I’m hit in the leg!” I fell but Danny picked me up and got in the helicopter and off we went sounds of lead hitting metal and gunfire. I thought about all the people I killed “Hey sarge is it a mistake to kill our own kind? “No Skyler it’s a mistake to not kill the people who are trying to kill you” I didn’t want to argue with him, it was hard to anyway because of the bullet in my leg but seeing the blood made me feel alive. “Did you spill any info out Danny?” “No sarge it was worth the pain. “Danny stated to work on my leg “Hey Uhh Skyler… thanks for getting me out of there I thought for sure I was a goner. “Nah it’s my pleasure I learned about this a lot” “Oh like what?” “I want you to figure it out just think but not too much”.

Social Media makeover project

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For this project we had to use Canva  to make art for youtube ,thumbnail, Twitter Header, Blog Banners, Pinterest graphics ect.

Step 1: is to log into Canva using google.

Step2: is to use the search bar to find anything you need to make your design.    there is lots to chose from

you can also use the Elements tool to find other cool design’s    .

step 3: is to make your design, take the picture you want from the search bar and drag it to the blank page, from there you can make it bigger or wider. 

backgrounds can also help if your using elements tools




here is one of my design’s 

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