The problem of evil

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The problem of evil


One of the main points in The problem of evil is Free choice.


God gave us free choice out of love and because he was confident in us to use it wisely. The choice of freedom however can and will cause sin. The origin of evil is not the creator but the creature’s freely choosing Sin and selfishness. God was confident in us so he gave us free choice, we aren’t expected to use it perfectly, we ain’t perfect  but we should use our good side of free choice more than the sin side.


Another main point is the 2 different categories of evil (Physical & Spiritual evil)  


Examples of both


Physical evil


  • Poisoning the body with different things like Alcohol,Cannabis and other drugs.
  • Self harm to the home of the soul (body)  
  • Causing harm to others


Spiritual evil


  • Wrong free choice
  • Following on the path on the Devil
  • Wishing harm on others soul


Both of these evils are very present everywhere, where there are people there will be sin because they are not using their free choice wisely and using it foolishly. Just check the news and that’s all the evidence you need.  What people need to take into consideration is that God made a solution to the problem of evil, It is his son Jesus Christ. 


One of my personal favourite points to this reading was Suffering and the 2 types of it.


There is no such thing as a perfect life, Life’s formula always has some hard hits, Jagged points and darkness, People complain to God for their suffering even though some of it is caused by other people and their Dark choice. Not all suffering is bad even though it feels like it. Sometimes to suffer for something is proof that we have love for it. Another interesting question that is related to this is “Why do bad things happen to good people?” It’s a simple answer which is a Test to faith, God wants to know if you will leave his path if you suffer. It’s sad to know that this has been the case for some people. In my opinion God also gave our souls the strength to keep going through the cracked road of life, people say that they can’t take it anymore but yet most pull through. Unfortunately those who succumb to the easy exit sign is also leaving God and entering hell. God created us out of love so don’t waste life.  The good suffering is of love and the bad suffering is a test. Pass it. 

Try to find the good during bad suffering, and always fight through.


Religion (The reasons to Belive)

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There are some great points in Peter Kreefts “The Reasons to Believe” He talks about if God exists, The atheists, and also the soul. 


God created a lot of things for us besides the earth, He created the universe for humans to understand. God has made all these “Causes” Happen in the universe that eventually lead to us, but did he create our consciousness? God is the first mover. Evidence of Gods existence would be the movement of things, without the first mover there would be no movement, no time, no purpose.


There are people that believe that God doesn’t exist. Some (Like Pascal) says that you cannot logically prove Gods existence. Some people can’t wrap their heads around the question of “Who made God?” And that causes their minds to believe that God is an impossible and illogical Being. They need to know that “All who seek him will find him“


Our Body’s are eventually gonna die, Our Souls however are immortal, they live on. Our existence is borrowed. God has given us souls(Another proof that he exists) We should give thanks to God for our souls. The universe is huge and we are very very small, but we are apart of the universe because of our souls. 


God is is the first mover, Master, Giver of life. He has given us many things that we should put to good use while we still have time in our bodies.

Top 7 of my favorite halo weapons

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7. energy sword

6. SMG

5. Sniper rifle

4. plasma rifle

3. Assault rifle

2. Frag grenade

1. Battle rifle

Web Design 2 (blog editing Gravitar)

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To change your gravitar on your blog you have to go to your dashboard then click on the users button   then click your profile. Once you do that scroll down until you see

click on gravitar to change the picture. once your in gravitar you have to log in then click this  then it will give you 4 choices on how to change the image.  URL is the most simple way.

Web Design 2 (Blog editing tittle, tagline ,ect)

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To change the title of your blog you have to click customize then click site identity  then you will be able to change the title and the tagline.


Web design 2 (iblog editing Plugin

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To activate the  jQuery Colorbox plugin go to your blog’s dashboard then click plugins 

then search up the jQuery Colorbox plugin   Then activate it.


Web design 2 (Iblog editing)

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to change the theme of your iblog you will have to hit the customize button on the top of the screen.    then hit this  then there will be a lot of diffrent themes to choose from.

To edit some Widgets once again you will have to click the customize button then hit widgets. then click these two.   then you can add some widgets you want to have.

top 5 instruments I like

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5. violen


3. piano

2. Drums

1.  Dubpads/DJ kit

top 11 video games I love

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  • 11: super Mario advance(2001)
  • 10:New super mario bros. Wii (2010)
  • 9: Mario kart super circuit (2001)
  • 8:Halo combat evolved anniversary (2011)
  • 7:Halo reach  (2010)
  • 6: Halo ODST (2009)
  • 5: Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
  • 4: Mario&Luigi bowser’s inside story (2009)
  • 3: Halo 3 (2007)
  • 2:Mario galaxy (2007)
  • 1: Halo 2 (2004)

honourable mentions

Gangstar vegas (2015)

Minecraft (2009)

Mario party 8 (2007)

paper Mario sticker star (2013)

New super Mario bros. DS (2005)

super Mario 64 DS (2004)

Mario&Luigi Paper Jam (2016-2017)

Mario&Luigi dream team (2014)

Luigi’s mansion (2001)

Luigi’s mansion dark moon (2013)

super Mario sunshine (2002)



Web design (top 5)

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top 5

  • 5 . thats not what I expected project. this project was funny because only 2 people guessed it right 🙂 what is that?


  • 4 .the farm colour changer I had to include this project in the top 5 list because its of my favorite place in this world, I even made a song about it because its like heaven on earth.



  • 2 .Sammy! I had to show this project more than once because I love sammy!!


“music is life because our hearts beat”


earlier when we were talking about human rights violations I put up this video.


human rights violation video






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