Places of peace

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For this project we have to take at least 4 pictures of places that bring us peace and make a collage of the pictures.


     The top right is a picture of the front field at my grandpas farm i love that place even if theres no dubstep haha, i wrote a song about this place. the top right is also of the farm but it’s the front field and you can see grandpa there…

the bottom left is of the basement and thats my drums and electric piano, there is a guitar to but i don’t play it much. the bottom left is another picture of the best room in the house the basement but this is the video game part of the basement, i mostly play halo games i even have some of the soundtrack! the middle picture is of a road leaving town. When i’m on road trips i always feel relaxed, its always an emotional journey, i think a lot about things and stuff when i’m on the road.

There is some steps to do this but its pretty easy.

Step 1 is to take at least 4 pictures of a area or place that bring you peace.

Step 2 is to email the pictures to your computer.

Step 3 is to open up a website called  and then you can start making your collage.

The final step is to take a screen shot with command shift 4 then to post it to your blog.


My top 5 favourite Spag Heddy songs

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5 Spag Hetty  permanent

4 Spag Hetty pink koeks

3 Spag Hetty gypsi thug

2 Spag Hetty sine time

1 Spag Hetty love at first sine

That’s not what I expected (project)

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For this project we have to take a picture of anything up close and people try to guess what it is.

For this project I took this picture.

       Some people will be stumped on trying to find out what this is.

here is the same picture but father out so you will see what it is.



 The picture is of installation 04 from HALO combat evolved.


This is probably the easiest project to do because you don’t need any special website.

The first step is pretty obvious… you need to get your pictures.

The second step (if your doing this on computer) is to email the picture to yourself from your i pod or whatever tech you got.

The 3rd step is to drag the picture from the email to the outside of the webpage to the screen you first need to push the minimize button.

The 4th step is to go to your blog and to push the add media button then drag the picture from the screen to the add media part.

Final step! click on the picture then push the add to post button and it should be in your post, if it is sideways you can fix it by clicking edit picture.


Your love for your pet project

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     My awesome cute dog Sammy.

Step 1 you got to take at least 8 pictures of your pet or favorite animal.

Step 2 is to email those pictures to your computer.

Step 3 is to go to the website  when your there click collage maker and it will give you a grid where you can fit 9 pictures in.

Step 4 is to drag the pictures from your email to your desktop.

Step 5 is to go back to college maker and click computer then drag the pictures from there on to the grids in anyway you want.




Colour changer (The farm)

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Picture colour changer project.

Step one is to get just one picture of nature and to drag it on the screen when you email it to yourself.

Step 2 is to open the image with adobe photoshop.

Step 3 is to change the colours by pushing image then push colour manager but first you need to select what part of the image your going to colour with the magic wand tool.

The final step is to show off what you have done with the picture by putting it on your blog.



This is what the picture originally looked like.

Human rights violation (Afghanistan)

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“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”


In the Afghanistan war over 3000 noncombatant civilians were killed during 2007 alone.  Hundreds of the civilians were killed in suicide attacks.

The Taliban have also banned woman from participating in the public sphere, also women are not allowed to wear clothes that are decorated and brightly colored.

women are beaten if they don’t travel with a mahram.

The Taliban have banned them from having fundamental rights and freedoms.

The Taliban used children as suicide bombers and sometimes as solders.

They tortured civilians and other security members.


(image of the Deaths and Injuries in Afghanistan)Image result for afghanistan human rights violations

a conversation of birds responding to the story.

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A conversation of birds


  1. One of the main themes of the story was commitment and conflict. The whole story felt gloomy and grey.                        
  2. The title occurs when her father is about to give the speech that he wrote. The author might have chosen it because it shows a big difference between normal nature and human nature.                                                                           
  3. He might be just saying that because she´s not old enough to understand yet.                                                                           
  4. In the story the author talks about how the Kwang Joo kids don’t care if they were dead or in jail for expressing their perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  5. I think Sally is the hero in the story because in the beginning of the story she has to follow the call to adventure then she changes when she winks at her dad to show that she does really cares.

Still there by Jarek.

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He’s already on his way”. Delta’s mom said. Okay thanks, he saw his friend leaving through the front door, he was running on the sidewalk to Koopa’s house so he started running too. He has an advantage the smooth sidewalk had no problems on it, Koopa was running through the back alley, dips,gravel it wasn’t smooth we wasn’t used to it… yet. He ran hard but still was beaten by a few seconds but time wasn’t the issue all they were worrying about was what cars they would own for their game and if they had enough chalk. The sidewalk that was in Koopa’s backyard wasn’t just a walkway made for the real world it was a blank canvas that there minds would fill and so was the grass,air and that whole slab of land. The land wasn’t big but they didn’t care the less it stretched into the dark world the better.  


It was now 2013 “Oh that’s not too bad” Delta’s uncle said but for Koopa it was bad he already knew they wouldn’t play as much. Koopa was moving, still in the same town though it was worth it to stay in that town as long as Delta still lived there. Yes it was true they didn’t play every day like they used too, but they still had their world, and it became stronger as the next two years went by. There world started to take shape with there minds being the foundation. It was always just another day “well I’m going to the car factory, and I’ll take my 1965 Ford Mustang” when Delta goes to his job in car he made, that’s what they both did and also made music know wonder they had the money for their 7 cars. Koopa hated when the time ran out but in the evening they would talk for hours until his mom told him to get off the phone, “But mom we still have things to talk about” “well you can talk to him tomorrow” It made every day worth waking up.


It was 2016 Koopa was in the basement messing around when his sister say OMG delta’s mom died. Koopa hoped it was a joke but he was freaking out, Delta called him early that week saying his mom is in the hospital because of a heart attack. Sure enough it was true he looked his sister’s phone and there was the message loud and clear… to clear. Delta wasn’t doing too good but he still seemed kind of happy he had friends to put him through even the guys that liked the nazis felt sorry for him. Later in the year it was just a normal day Koopa was at his locker when Delta walked up to him saying”it’s official we’re moving” Koopa didn’t know how to move but he said”where to?” It was when he responded when Koopa’s soul crumbled to the ground and didn’t fertilize the ground at all.


Koopa hated growing up but in another place he wanted to grow up fast so he could do hardcore farming stuff with his grandfather who unfortunately died before Koopa got armpit hair. He never thought we was going to be alone in this world he had many friends back then, One of them was a girl he met in elementary school then saw her again in grade 8 and got to know each other more. She used to walk home with him and talk for an hour. She had to move also. He was scared of what the real world is going to throw at him after his second last friend moved, He only knew it wasn’t going to be light.   


“This is it” Koopa said to himself. He knew it wasn’t a dream even though it was all dark even the room he was lying in. He just layed there thinking of what will happen now ”all we’ve done is it going to be gone”? They came all this way starting in 2011 he remembered how they met and how they had fun over the years, but I guess the real world hated Koopa and Delta. He got in his sister’s truck that was going to his mixed doom. There he was he didn’t look good but why would he his mother’s dead and our world may also be dead in the cruel future. They talked about what they have done in the past no one else will ever get them or their minds but they didn’t care just like back then. We have to go now Koopa’s dad said they said their last goodbyes and even hugged even though Delta didn’t like hugging much. It was a depressing ride home no super glue would ever fix the cracks in his heart.


For the last time without worrying about long distance they talked for a while on the phone but not with their usual happy voices. “All we’ve done all we fought and all we’ve been through it just so incredible… Thanks but will it end today? “No Koopa it won’t! Ah crap I gotta go good bye old friend”. “Good bye awesome person” (Click) Koopa didn’t have time to think about what he should’ve said instead of awesome person It could’ve been

better, But he just thought wow all of this for 5 years and it just ends with a click “we’ll I do know it won’t end… it never will.


And to these dark days it’s still there.


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top 10 music genres i like

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7. rock

6.classic rock


4. hip-hop






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