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On the sidewalk bleeding

The protagonist is Andy because he is the main character and most of the story is about him and the situation he is in.
There is conflict between the Royals gang and the guardians gang because a member of the guardians gang stabbed Andy because he is in the royals gang
The couple that found Andy didn’t help him because he was a royal,near the end we wanted to take his jacket off he didn’t want to be a royal he just wanted to be Andy
The couple that found Andy in the alley didn’t help him because they found out that he was in the royals because they saw the royals jacket he was wearing, they don’t want to get involved with the guardians, there bystanders.
Andy met some people when he was dieing. The voice which caused the problem by cutting him.The drunk witch did not help him because he never really knew what was going on. The couple didn’t help him because they saw the jacket Andy was wearing and they didn’t want to get involved. Also the older women that was taking out her garbage but didn’t see him.
He knew he was dieing when the story was almost done (after the old lady was messing around with the garbage cans)
Before Andy died he was trying to take of the royals jacket he wore, he didn’t want to be remembered as a royal he wanted to be remembered as Andy.
The turning point is when it starts to dip down.


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