That’s not what I expected (project)

Posted by jvoltner on 8th November 2017 in Uncategorized

For this project we have to take a picture of anything up close and people try to guess what it is.

For this project I took this picture.

       Some people will be stumped on trying to find out what this is.

here is the same picture but father out so you will see what it is.



 The picture is of installation 04 from HALO combat evolved.


This is probably the easiest project to do because you don’t need any special website.

The first step is pretty obvious… you need to get your pictures.

The second step (if your doing this on computer) is to email the picture to yourself from your i pod or whatever tech you got.

The 3rd step is to drag the picture from the email to the outside of the webpage to the screen you first need to push the minimize button.

The 4th step is to go to your blog and to push the add media button then drag the picture from the screen to the add media part.

Final step! click on the picture then push the add to post button and it should be in your post, if it is sideways you can fix it by clicking edit picture.


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