Places of peace

Posted by jvoltner on 13th November 2017 in Uncategorized

For this project we have to take at least 4 pictures of places that bring us peace and make a collage of the pictures.


     The top right is a picture of the front field at my grandpas farm i love that place even if theres no dubstep haha, i wrote a song about this place. the top right is also of the farm but it’s the front field and you can see grandpa there…

the bottom left is of the basement and thats my drums and electric piano, there is a guitar to but i don’t play it much. the bottom left is another picture of the best room in the house the basement but this is the video game part of the basement, i mostly play halo games i even have some of the soundtrack! the middle picture is of a road leaving town. When i’m on road trips i always feel relaxed, its always an emotional journey, i think a lot about things and stuff when i’m on the road.

There is some steps to do this but its pretty easy.

Step 1 is to take at least 4 pictures of a area or place that bring you peace.

Step 2 is to email the pictures to your computer.

Step 3 is to open up a website called  and then you can start making your collage.

The final step is to take a screen shot with command shift 4 then to post it to your blog.


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