How Hanna is(or is not) like a teenager

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In the movie Hanna and Erik have a conflict about freedom, most teens think they desire more freedom and they get in conflict with there parents because the parents don’t agree. When Erik asks her if shes wants to go hunting with him shes says no because she wants to just be on her own for a little, I always feel the same way with my parents, and i’m sure many other teens would too.


Another way that she is like a teen is that she is very curious about different things like music and other things in life. Teens also like to challenge themselves so that might be one reason she uses the bow even though she had a gun. She also gets more choices or decisions to make later on, I like the whole switch idea in the movie cause when she clicks it her life will switch.


The things I’ve noticed that make’s her not like a teenager is that she adapts to new situations very quickly, I think it takes time to adapt to new situations, she also doesn’t seem to fear change, Change is one of my fears. Some times I noticed that she doesn’t show any emotion when she was killing the soldiers, it feels odd because teens have a lot of emotion, its also unnatural to reduce fear and pity its not human, but she does show some pity like when she ends the caribou’s suffering.


When she’s in a new area she sometimes takes it in, the obvious reason would be because she’s never been in an area like that before, but the other two reasons would be because she’s kind of happy that she left home and gets to see new things I bet most 18 year old’s feel the same way. The last reason would be because she’s curious of the different environments. I think its really cool to see many different environments in the movie, from snowy, to artificial, to desert, and ends back in a forest.


The man she meets in the house is right how he thinks that Erik hasn’t shown her the great things in life like music. I liked how we talked about music and how it makes us human it does with out music the world would be a horrible place music is life. I wonder if any other intelligent life out there has music but that’s a topic for another day.


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