Who is Jesus?

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Who is Jesus?


Questions and suffering, these are a strong formula in life, sometimes the questions tear at us for many reasons. One of those reasons if that we’re afraid to ask questions. One question we should sit down and think about is “who is Jesus?” by asking and understanding these questions, it’s answers can help to overcome the tearing questions and suffering we face and fight.


In the story, Sal and Chris are having a honest conversation. Chris states that he is glad to see Sal Asking honest questions. In the top of the book the first words you see are “Honesty. Be honest with yourself” Honesty is a big point in this story and it paves the true path of the conversation between the two. A recipe for the world that we talked about is Be honest, Be Authentic. It does sound like a simple recipe for building a machine that will take the clutter of questions out of our mind. Also a recipe that can fight darkness and toxins left in our head by some questions. Yet being simple it is hard because fear is a powerful thing that we all struggle to let go, Jesus would calm the fear and let us open our eyes to seek him. Be honest seekers.


Cracks and heal, love and fear, 2 things in our hearts like a spear. We talked a bit about love and went deeper. In the start of the story Sal says that Chris didn’t answer the problem of evil With God in heaven but with Jesus suffering evil on the cross. Later on Chris states that God suffered with us while the Jews were suffering in the gas chambers during the holocaust. Now, Jesus loves us, the evidence obviously being his suffering on the cross for us, we went through pain because of love. God loves us and doesn’t let us suffer alone, He suffers with us because of his love. It makes me think because Love causes pain yet is can heal a cracked soul. Some people are feared to be loved because of the pain it can cause, but Jesus showed no fear. The only love and trust that will never betray you is God’s love.  


In the dialogue Sal is wondering and asking many questions. Chris is happy that he is because Sal isn’t afraid to ask questions. Many many people have many questions but fear causes them to just be in silence while the questions zoom around our heads never to be answered. One reason for fear in questioning would be the loss of faith, Chris says yes to Sal’s question which is “Aren’t you afraid someone with weak faith will read this and lose his faith?” But the questions could also strengthen a person’s soul. Is not asking questions a weakness? This was a question brought up in class and still buzzes around my head today but I think it is, We let the fear control us to not ask even though we are much stronger than the fear, or we are just worried on what others will think of us. We need more people like Chris in this world. He won’t judge questions, Like Jesus.


Jesus is 100% God. He’s the man you go to when you need to spill questions out of your head, He’s the man that suffered and still suffers out of love. He’s the only man that can bring true light to this world.    


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