The central logic of Christianity

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In the video, most of the things Bishop Barron was talking about was tied to the point of love and what it truly is supposed to be. If we understood what it is then it would change our lives, To love those who hate us, To “Test the integrity of our love” Not to follow the calculation of loving those who love us and despising those who despise us, because ‘in the evening of life we will be judged on our levels of life.


A piece of God’s math is that he loves us all equally. “The sun shines on everything and so must love. The rain falls on the good plants and the bad plants” It’s spectacular that God’s love works like that considering that we are used to liking those who like us and hating those who hate us but Bishop Barron states that it’ll be a revolution that if we love those who hate us and also pray for them then it’ll change our lives. This is testing the integrity of our love.


Bishop Barron explained what Love supposedly means. He said that “Love is to will the good of the other as other” He also states that we shouldn’t love to get love in return and no offer no resistance to one who is evil. God loves all and he wants us to love like God himself. A reading from the book of Matthew  “You have heard that it was said ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ But i say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other as well” God also doesn’t want us to use revenge.


Near the end of the video he says that we are like individual temples of God and that the spirit of God dwells in us. We need to let our own little suns shine on the just and unjust and our own rain to fall of the good and bad plants. This means that we should go out and tell people about God and Jesus’ teachings and to also help out people even if they are our enemies. It’s a beautiful statement that more people should let into their hearts instead of it bouncing off their heads and walking over it.


If the central logic of Christianity is a perfect love then why haven’t we accomplished this after all this time? Because we are not God, we are human and no human is perfect but we can reach a high amount of this type of pure love with our heart and mind. Even though we are not perfect we still do have the spirit of God within us no matter how dark it is inside. We have it to share with others, to help them out, and to help ourselves to help love life even when darkness breaks us.     


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