Paul, Apostle of Christ

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Many people in their darkest times have probably used evil instead of good, Even though “you can’t repay evil with evil” people still turn to it and we can’t explain why we do it. We need to keep this quote from Paul in our minds, “Love is the only way”


That quote, for me anyway, means that no matter how bad things are, no matter how dark life gets, no matter how beaten down you get, you always should love God because if the dark makes you do evil things then it is winning and making you lose not only yourself but also the strength of your love with God. That quote is a major ingredient for peace and reconciliation, and also advice for our souls.


Life is a battlefield filled with hardship, when that times comes to fight it’ll either be easy or hard. When the fight cuts deep then I let the blood from the wounds of my mind pour onto paper and turn it into a song, whenever I complete a song I feel that God had my back through it, I hope he’s at least somewhat proud of this type of art I express myself with. God gave us many different ways to overcome pain in a non-violent way, music is one of them.


Christ-like love is the most perfect love out there. For people, having this type of love is very very difficult as people aren’t perfect. But the Lord has asked us to try. To see what Christ-like love is, we would have to be friends with someone who loves everyone no matter what they believe or have done, Someone that prays for their enemies, and someone that would die to save many many people. A person like that would have the most closest perfect love, We aren’t perfect, but the Lord is in many beautiful ways.


No one is going to have the perfection of Christ-like love, But we can try. The Lord has asked us to. He returns the favour by helping us in our torment, but most importantly, He died for us so we could be saved.    


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