Millstone for the Sun’s Day and The Lottery Ticket

The Lottery Ticket, written by Anton Chekhov is another short story that has a couple, not to wealthy but having enough to get by, had a large chance at winning the lottery. The husband, Ivan Dmitritch had big plans if he had won the lottery. He believed that since it was his wife’s ticket he would have very little to say about what they would do with the money. His wife, also had large plans with the money if they had won, plans that had potential to not include the husband and his dreams. The husband began to realise that his wife had grown old and plain, and he was imagining himself in St. Martin’s summers. The hole life of these 2 would change, their plans never included each other, He believed that if they won, her family would come in and begin to ask for money. The husband was blaming her for the reason if they would have went bankrupt or anything. They did not end up winning the lottery.

Millstone for the Sun’s Day is very similar, again Joey, who won the lottery, and got to pull the lever which ended his teachers, Miss. Grierson’s life. This is very similar because of the fact that the husband, believed that he was superior to the wife and he believed that he should control the money and not the wife. Just like the other people believed they were better than Miss. Grierson, which is why they got Joey to pull the lever. By pulling the lever the boy was symbolically brought into adulthood.

Millstone for the Sun’s Day and Milgram’s Experiment

Milgram’s experiment was a test of doing what people were told by the authority over self conscience. This was a good way to test the obedience of the individual. The experiment consisted of a person, also known as the learner, who was often one of Milgram’s confederates. They hook the learner up to electrodes, and they were testing how far the teacher would go upon the instructors demand. The results were that two-thirds (65%) of the teachers went to the highest amount of voltage, while the other people only went to 2nd highest shock. The conclusion of this experiment is that ordinary people are capable of of killing an innocent human being, upon demand from a superior.


This can relate to Rudy Wiebe’s short story, Millstone for the Sun’s Day, because it relates to how someone who is innocent, can pull the lever on another innocent person and end their life. The young boy, Joey, who won the lottery and the lottery was to pull a lever that would take his teacher, Miss Grierson’s life. This is just showing that even innocent people can take the lives of other innocent people. Miss Grierson was chosen at random, in this scenario she would be one of Milgram’s confederates and Joey, would be part of the two-thirds that take people’s lives at the order of a superior. The reason the superior wanted Joey to end his teachers life is because the other people could not do it, they did not want to get their hands dirty.

20 years Later…

Dear Kale,

I am writing you this letter into the future. Currently I am 15 years of age and I am writing this letter 20 years into the future, by the time you get this you will be 35. I hope you have done some great things with your life, such as get married, have a beautiful house, and have a great job. These are 3 things I hope you have that will make your life the greatest life you could possibly live.

Marriage is what every man and women want for themselves when they have reached that stage in their life. I hope that by the time you read this letter you are married to the greatest girl in the world. Once entered into, marriage is a sacred bond that can’t and won’t be broken. When you meet that specific someone you must love them with all your heart. This is what God wants, for ma n and women to become one and marry and keep the generations alive. Your spouse are your best friend in the world and you will treat them as such. You share everything with them and they will share everything with you. Marriage is one of the best parts in your life. Some marriages will lead to children and maybe you already have some and they will carry the torch for your families for generations.

Having a home for your wife and your kids is a good thing. It shows your kids that they are a very important part in your life. And a house is a very good place for you and your wife to raise a family, because it will be a loving home. The house you own doesn’t have to be a mansion, it can be as simple as a little home or even a condo. A home is a home where you and your family love and hang out, and everything is great including shelter.

Having a great job that pays good money is always a great way to show that you are a successful parent and funder for your family. If you don’t have the best paying job but you are loving what you are doing then why stop? Everyone wants to make the big bucks doing something they hate, but you could make a little bit owed and do something you love. These are all things to think about when you are looking for a job that will help support you and your family.

Well Kale,I hope that your life is going great, I hope it shaped up to be the greatest one with a wife, kids, a loving home and a fantastic job to work and live off of. Keep up the impressive life changes and stay safe.

Letter To Mrs. Jones

1061 Horseman Lane, Texas


September 24, 1977

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Thank You For Changing My Life

Texan Hair Saloon

Main Street


Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Thank You

Mrs. Jones, its me Roger, the boy who tried to snatch your handbag that night while you were walking home. I write to you today because you really changed my life… for the better of course, you showed me what was right from wrong just like Jesus would want.

Ive recently began college, I’m attending to become an electrician, school is going good. I’ve also started working for a company that has been paying me quite a bit of money. The way you changed my life that night was amazing. I can’t thank you enough, even though you half nelson me that really played an important roll of where I am today.

You showed me much care, buying me blue suede shoes, cooking me supper, and really giving me the courage to do what I would like to do in my life, it is the greatest feeling knowing that my life is back on track. I’ve never forgotten about you. I hope you have been well, me, I have been quite grand actually, and I surely hope that you can say the same for yourself. Meeting you on that street the one night would never have got me the courage to write you this thank you letter. Stay well, and thank you once again Mrs. Jones.




Extra Credit: Expository Essay

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. Writing an essay encompasses so much more than just copying and pasting. It involves structure and imagination. Some may choose to be in a galaxy all their own while others need only the luxury of home. Needless of what your comforts are every expository-literary essay can be so much more with the right tools. To construct a satisfactory essay be sure to encompass correct grammar, coherent, well-developed paragraphs and substantial details and examples.

Spelling and grammar are components that greatly enhance a correctly drafted, first-class, paragraph. Austin provided an example of a grammatically incorrect sentence, ‘Dixon didn’t remember that the cameras made a noise, which Navorski hear and decide not to go outside the doors or he could be in more trouble than before.’ This sentence illustrates a passive message simply due to the inclusion of Dixon’s name first. It can be modified to sound more definite and embellish a solid idea by the placement of Navorski name at the start. With minimal effort the broken sentence can be changed into a compound sentence including more than one subject or predicate connected by a conjunction. ‘Navorski hears the cameras and avoids temptation’ is a redevelopment of the previously broken into a compound structure. Installing helpful programs that detect grammatical and spelling errors is a key feature that can help make an essay great. If Connor’s sentence ‘Viktor waits at least 1 year to get it to, but he achieves his goal’ would have been put through a spell check program the error of creating a sentence which is connected by a conjunction, that is not a compound sentence would have been detected. This can make an essay easier to understand since there are no errors present to confuse the reader. This example that can be easily revised to sound exceptional, ‘Viktor waits at least one year to fulfill his goal, which is to leave the airport and get the last signature of the jazz musician.’ The sentence not only shows the writer has a favorable understanding of the English language but also demonstrates the implementation of grammatical programs. Dictionaries and thesaurus’ will not only enhance your essay but will demonstrate your ability to use a higher vocabulary. ‘When a character was faced with waiting in the airport some handled it good, while others didn’t’. The sentence above created by Austin, could be strengthened by changing the dull words with ones that are acceptable for a grade nine level. This sentence could be further elevated by using more crafty vocabulary. ‘When a character was confronted with a challenge of waiting in the airport, most handled it in a satisfactory way, while others didn’t cope with the challenge’. Altering your words will make them more complex in your essay which intensify your usage of better words in the future. If you want to exceed your previous self or class expectations of literary writing be sure to utilize the tools given to you such as thesauruses and dictionaries.

By having a well formulated paragraph you create a coherent flow yielding an outstanding provision. To grasp every detail, it should not skip from one topic or idea to the next. ‘Navorski had to go to customs but instead went and shaved.’This is a poor sentence to use in a paragraph, it skipped from mentioning customs to stating that he was shaving. Although flow is a crucial criteria when producing structured sentences, to refrain from the use of the same word can be just as much. Taking the same word for continuous use is not a valuable habit to develop in any writing piece. When choosing your words use a variety to complete each sentence so selecting the same is not a high possibility. The formation of circle sentences like, because a Bulgarian man from Krakozhia named Victor Navorski was left to wait at NYC airport because he couldn’t enter the USA or go home because his country is in a military coup.  will be non-existent with definite understanding of your topic. Organizing these points is a habit that should be developed. A prolific conversion between your themes is a crucial maneuver. The ability to keep organized helps all your techniques advance in quality. Have a good opening and closing statement to receive organization. Quality will also advance if you specify not only the details in an essay, but in examples too. Specifying and having precise, distinct details will efficiently present your illustrations. As we saw in the Terminal nobody at the JFK airport could wait for anything. Who is the nobody and what is the anything, you always need an explanation. In order to make an efficient essay, formulated paragraphs, along with sentences, and flow throughout the piece is vital.

The formation of an acceptable literary expository essay starts with the inclusion of strong detailed sentences and appropriate examples.  Any well fabricated manuscript uses references to archetypes as an enhancer for detail. In Kale’s Terminal essay he uses the phrase ‘Frank was trying to get rid of Viktor out of the terminal for quite a while, 9 months to be exact. But Navorski wouldn’t take the bait. (Fisherman Joke Relates to the storyline of Dixon)’.  Here the author just states that the ‘fisherman joke’ relates to the story of Dixon. We have no concept of what the joke he is referring to is about and are provided with no background knowledge to contemplate how it is supposed to tie in. To improve the construction of this argument we can use hyperlinks to give background knowledge and be explicit in the course of how to correlate an explanation of the archetype with the topic. An example of a correctly used archetype can be found in Shae’s story. ‘Frank becomes so impatient to get this position that he is wishing for the death of his superior. The story of Faust tells about a man who makes a deal with the devil where he sells his soul in exchange for a life of pleasure and riches. This represents Frank’s life. He lusts for the power and wealth that comes with a bigger job but can’t wait for his time to come so sells his ‘soul’ and in essence becomes the devil himself, running hell. Hell is a place for the wicked, for murderers and terrorists.’ By connecting the ideas to Dixon character well providing the needed bit of history you heighten the detail and the archetype. Be sure to choose a fight that you believe in. Connor uses the following concept in his manuscript, ‘He tells the officer who takes him into the office.’ This particular sentence has very little description that can be related relevantly to the topic. A better option would be to stray into his reason for being in this situation. Such as ‘During his delay in the airport Viktor carries around a can of peanuts. He is taken to Thermin’s office to discuss the reasoning behind this.’  By mentioning the can of peanuts you open up the opportunity to weave in reputable ideas. For the greatest impact and to ensure the reader’s continued interest do not stray in implemented details. Be sure to be specific. This sentence drafted in Chelsey’s essay include an idea that leads the reader away from the point that you were trying to convey; ‘But in this movie Frank Dixon is the bad guy because he tries to make Viktor leave the airport so he didn’t have to deal with him and wait till he left to get his job part he wants to get from his boss’. By adding the extra ideas about Dixon’s job you draw attention away from the main point you were trying to make. Using a basic sentence to convey the point and a complex sentence to enhance the meaning would create a more effective essay. ‘Frank Dixon’s character is like that of the devil. One point in the movie shows Dixon lying to Viktor about the security to convince him to depart’. This sentence from Sierra’s essay does a tremendous job of capturing what needs to be said in the first thought. This allows the reader to easily follow the connection being made between the concepts. ‘Patience is important in how Viktor coped with all the waiting he had to in the airport and terminal’

Writing an essay needs ‘outside the box thinking’. In order to produce a satisfying provision include proper spelling and grammar, substantial details, and coherency. Be sure to use these variety of tools at your writing disposal to ensure correct spelling and grammar. A major component to any thesis is examples and robust sentences with well-developed details to help boost the meaning of the article. Any piece must have the proper coherency to help advance and refine paragraphs to go along with your illustration.

Thank You Ma’am Questions

1. Langston Hughes uses great description in his first sentence to show humour by saying, “She was a large woman” that shows some great humour. Also how he described the boy flying back with his legs immediately kicking up, that is pretty funny, also when she kicked him in the place no man would enjoy to be kicked. Also showing her strength as she picked up the boy and shook him while his teeth rattled.

2. Well Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones showed him what right from wrong was and she also showed sympathy and sorry for the boy by making him supper, and giving him 10 dollars for blue suede shoes, Mrs. Jones was a good caretaker of this boy and he also had showed her trust by not running away.

3. I personally think that after that Roger had met her it would definitely have changed his life because she had showed him what is right and wrong, and after getting kicked in the blue-jeaned sitter, her would think twice about doing it again!

4. Many people have done a lot for me such as my parents, but a stranger has bought me things to, including a nice big bag of delicious ketchup chips.

The Terminal

“You’d be amazed at what people leave at airports.” In this case, from “The Terminal”  directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Andrew Niccol, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) is the one left in the JFK Airport Mall, where he copes with all this waiting, after his plane was delayed for 9 months. It feels that Mr. Navorski was the only one who really could choose to wait, the other characters did not really have the patience, but why? What do you think the general message that the director and producers to say about the human nature of this film? Let’s explore all of these ideas into more depth and break down key components of this film.

“Alright Mr. Navorski we would like you to wait right here.”  Viktor Navorski, the man from Krakozhia who is coming to fulfil his fathers dream of getting the last signature (Benny Golson) for his Planters Peanut canned filled of the other 57 jazz musicians. Mr. Navorski was living in a shopping mall at JFK airport and while he spent 9 months there, he found multiple ways to cope with waiting. His flight had been delayed due to his country being at war with itself, and the government. While they were at war, every Krakozhian was technically non existent. They did not have a country and thats what happened to Navorski. His visa was suspended due to him not having a country, and therefor could not exit the terminal and go home. Viktor was walking down this dark tunnel and later came toward the light, sort of like birth, you come from the dark but into the bright world, in his case he went into the mall. While being forced throughout this shopping mall Viktor faced some challenges that he had to overcome, he lost his food vouchers after Gupta picked them up from the floor after they slipped off of the seat when Navorski got up. So he had no food, for a little while, he later had figured out that after every cart you deliver get back a quarter. Navorski took advantage of that and started a little cart taking business. But later the Director of Customs and Border Protection Frank Dixon, who was not overly fond of Navorski, made some lady in charge of taking these carts and putting them away. Navorski was going to bed after a long day one day and he noticed a wall that was only half done, he became very crafty with his hands as he ended landing a job as a carpenter. Along the way he was making new friends and never was always there to assist, helping Enrique Cruz work up the courage to finally ask Dolores Torres to later marry him. He helped Gupta realize that always doing the right thing is a good thing, so later Gupta turned himself in after hiding from the Feds for over 23 years, after he stabbed a police officer.  While he was working and helping friends he was also finding more ways to spend his time, including learning a new language and before the carpentry, trying to find a new job, he applied for a lot of jobs but nobody hired. Learning a new language for anyone is easy, but Navorski became very good at speaking english after he was using 2 books in his language, and in english to learn. Amelia Warren, a lady Navorski fell hard for her. He spent all his time waiting for her and she just kept going back to her “alpha male” Max.

“Stay away from me Viktor, I’m just as bad as Napoleon.” Napoleon was a man who was believed to be superior. He ingested tons of poisons into his body and had never died. Amelia keeps thinking that she is Napoleon in a way, by dating all of these men (poison) and this poison is somewhat making her weaker. Amelia is a first class flight attendant who has been waiting for such a long time for the pager to ring, and hope that it is the one who had got away from her. Amelia was very impatient when it came to waiting, an example is when she was on her way too the escalator to meet Max and catch her flight, but broke her heel off. Navorski was first on scene and helped her up and gave her a coupon, towards “Pay Less Shoes.” She was one of these character who could not wait overly much without running off. There was the Director of Customs and Border Protection, Frank Dixon, who could also not wait. He was trying to get rid of Navorski for quite some time, but couldn’t. Navorski had a feeling that Dixon did not like him overly much. Dixon tried so hard to get rid of him and when he couldn’t, he just became more obsessed with him. Frank told Viktor at one scene in the film that 2 guards would leave there post of guarding the doors for just 5 minutes. He was tempting Navorski to leave the terminal and become the FED’s problem. This is similar to the Devil tempting Jesus in the Juaean Desert where he tempted him with tons of nourishments. But Jesus refused. Later Satan vanished and the angels brought the supplies to Jesus after he fasted for 40 days. But Viktor while Dixon was watching through the camera was tempted, and thought about heading into New York, but in the end saying “I wait,” chose to stay.

The message to me in this movie from the directors point of view is that waiting is a part in life some people can cope with and others can’t. Viktor was eligible to wait on going into New York, and he was able to find ways to occupy it. Amelia Warren was different, she was one of the characters who could not cope with it. Waiting in life is always a good sign that you are a patient one. If you want something that you have to wait for, then wait for it. Don’t try and rush everything. Viktor waited on Amelia but she had other plans instead of Viktor. Gupta waited over 23 years to finally go home, and he finally turned himself in just to head back to his home town, to go and see his wife and kids. Frank Dixon was so obsessed with getting rid of Navorski he would do anything to get rid of him. But he also had a tough time to wait and tried to force Navorski out the doors. But Spielberg and Niccol did a great job of showing how if you were to want something that waiting is a good thing to do.

Jesus risked everything in his life for us to have the best life, and he would like us to have a grand society where you could keep everything in tact not have a bad place to live. Sacrifice is a good thing to have in your life, Navorski sacrificed his time to help everyone who needed help and Jesus sacrificed his life so we could be living here today. Its a good thing to wait, and the director really proved that in this movie the terminal. It was sort of like a Jesus life story which Navorski is the star. He proved that sacrifice and waiting is very key to having or getting what you want.

A Sunrise On The Veld Poem

Under neath my breath, I whisper,

“I’m as free, as an Eagle”

This is the most  amazing feeling in the world,

Wind blowing, sun warming melting the frost,

Birds chirping as loud as they can be,

These are the most high moments of my life,

Nothing can stop me, nothing.

I stand mightier than I have before,

and everyone will see and hear me,

I had a vision

That I can do,


I scream through the gorge,

“I can do anything!”

Descriptive Paragraph

My dad has always been there for me, he’s a big man standing at a solid 6″2, he is not the most solid man but he’s my hero. You may recognize my dad if you seen him, he’s always there when we need to go shopping for school or hockey shopping, you may notice my dad uptown a lot buying groceries, he’s not the most talkative man but that’s just him. My dad is not afraid to be his funny self, and he’s always making wise cracks and giving even wiser advice, he helps me study a few days before the big test, though it always ends up in a funny heated argument about who’s right and who’s wrong. My dad is always working, he loves to work, he always says “Finish the job, until your completely done.” He loves to spend time with his 5 kids and enjoys siting in his leather chair and playing on his iPad, but like I said, thats just him. He may not be the best man in the world, but he is one of the greats, and I’m happy that he’s my dad, and the only one ill ever have.

Turning Point Assignment

Hockey has impacted my life, everything in hockey has pushed me to do good. Everyone goes out there and tries there best. It’s the best sport, and there’s many risks that you must over come in order to play this game. Every time you step out on that frozen surface you risk the chances of being injured, my injuries have impacted my life cause they’ve made me weaker and more scared to take the body, not everyone has that ability to take a hit. Hockey is a very rough game and you gotta keep your head up, or your gonna be injured. You may not be the fastest skater, you may not have the fastest or hardest shot, but at least your out there playing the game Canada was meant to play.

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