Crystal was here


A time I felt proud of myself is when I made the Jr.Steelers hockey team in Lloydminster this fall.  I was about to back out of trying out for the team when my mom told me I had no choice because she already sent my forms in.  Tryouts were intense and everyone was trying as hard as they could.  I am the 2nd smallest kid on the team but that didn’t matter because I still made the team it didn’t matter my height.  I was proud of myself at that moment because I knew I gave it my all and it sure did pay off at the end.


One thing I do very well is play goalie in hockey.  Crystal talked about our thoughts affecting our feeling which then affect our behavior.  My thoughts definitely do affect my feelings because if I think i’m playing awful that game then i get mad and try to fix it but then I just rush around and then it affects my behavior because then I am not playing good and that’s bad news.  Most days I play good but everyone has those days when you just aren’t yourself and don’t play as well as you can, but you just gotta push through it and learn from your mistakes

Positive things people say about me are your funny , your good at hockey, your pretty, you’re a good friend and you’re smart.  All these things make me feel good about myself because it’s nice to be told good things about yourself once and awhile.  Most of the times people pick out the bad things about themselves instead of seeing the positives and then make themselves feel bad.

One role or responsibility I have is chores.  It seems like all I do is chores but mom says everyone has to help out around the house so I listen to her and do what I am told.

My blue eyes is a characteristic I like best about myself because they stand out from everyone else and make me myself.  Everyone always tells me how mice my eyes are and I agree because I like blue eyes much more than brown or green eyes because I like the color of blue most people’s eyes are.

We talked about thoughts affecting our feelings and our feelings affecting our behavior.  She showed us a video and we played a game.  It’s always a good time when Crystal comes and it’s gonna be fun next time too.

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