Interests survey

My interests are usually based around sports and being active but compared to the survey apparently I like working with animals or working around people. The survey says I don’t want to work at store doing paper work all day every day which I could see is possible as school is torture enough for 13 years of my life. I have switched my mind a couple of times for what I wanna do when i’m older but as of right now i’m pretty sure I want to be a middle school math teacher. I like math a lot which is one reason I wanna teach it but also I would like to teach math to kids because it’s a very important tool you need for the rest of their lives. One job I would never have is a landscaper or a gardener because that is torture although I would also like to be a hockey player or a farmer. That’s all of my interests I have right now but who knows maybe they’ll change in the future.

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