Spiritual Gifts

I have taken all 4 of my group members surveys.  I barely chose any “definitely not me” phrases for this survey.  I chose most of them as “this is probably me” because most of the times I believe God will help me through tough times but I’m not to sure yet at this age for most situations.  For the question that says “I don’t mind being saw with people who are not popular” I put “this is me” because I don’t really classify my friends as popular or not popular and I don’t care if other people don’t think my friends are popular because they’re my friends and not theirs.
Mu group members had lots of “that’s me” or “this is probably me”which is reasonable because Hannah and Kylie are both really nice people and would do most of these things.  “Definitely not me” was barely ever taken which I am proud of because that is not a very good answer for this survey because that’s kinda a mean or cruel answer.  I am proud of my group and their mindsets.

This is my survey http://kamrochford.polldaddy.com/s/spiritual-gifts

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